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  1. Hey Guys i was thinking of doing nutmeg since i got no money for bud nd im bored AS FUCk.

    Just wanted to ask , how is the high of nutmeg /any bad side effects / and harm to the body in any way . Any Nutmeg Stories Welcome.
  2. I copy pasted exactly what you wrote and googled it for you, which is what you should've done in the first place.

    Nutmeg, that piquant brown spice you sprinkle on egg nog, is chock full o' the organic compound myristicin. Eating four to eight teaspoons of ground nutmeg causes mild hallucinations, warmth in the limbs ...

    The Downside

    ... dizziness, nausea, cottonmouth, paranoia, difficulty urinating and, the coup de grace, a hangover that feels like God taking a dump on your soul.

    Some users compare the nutmeg "high" to a hellish case of the flu. To make things worse, nutmeg consumption is easily the most inconvenient way to get high--its effects kick in five to six hours after ingestion. That's like having to drink a six-pack at lunch in anticipation of happy hour.

    Google first before you make a thread, because chances are, you're gonna find your answer a whole lot faster.
  3. dont do nutmeg.....its not ANYTHING like acid...it makes your trip balls....but theres no such thing as a good trip with nutmeg...its always a bad trip...no euphoria.
  4. thnks 4 the replies
  5. Nutmeg's never done anything bad with me; it just takes a while to kick in. It's always made me feel really creative. :p
  6. Nutmegs a horrible tasting and shitty drug that has a poor, non-euphoric trip lasting up to a couple days. I don't suggest it... but you should read up on www.erowid.com about the drug, positive/negatives about the trip, dosage and even some nutmeg experiences before trying it.
  7. Please please please do not try nutmeg. It is one of the absolutely worst highs you can feel and you feel like absolute utter shit the entire time.... Did I mention that it is horrible for you?
  8. I had a bad experience with nutmeg.

    Me and a couple friends tried it. We ate it early in the afternoon. By around 7 it started. I got a terrible headache, felt real dizzy(almost drunk-like), and got very, very thirsty. Eventually the dizzyness got even worse, and couple with a stomach ache, I threw up three or four times. To top it off, the next day I felt like I got hit by Ohpra on skiis. I highly DO NOT recommend nutmeg.

    Now, DXM was fun...
  9. Yeah, it's terribly unenjoyable and there is a high risk of hepatoxicity.

    Please just wait until you have real drugs again, it's one of the only drugs I regret doing. (and that list is very short:smoke:)
  10. Shits a waste, rather smoke a twig outside.
  11. Nutmeg sucks! It's just like being sick, only its called a high. It's not fun at all and lasts like 3 days. If you want an interesting experience then go get some dramamine or benadryl its like 3 bucks max for a mad ass trip not unlike being a paranoid schizo. Interesting stuff.
  12. It's like a flu high. I spent two days in and out of bed with the worst headache and cottonmouth of my life.
  13. I should mention that I had one positive moment tho. I was sleeping and my friend pushed me to wake me up, and i got the weirdest feeling in my body, it felt like i was falling for a split second, but it blew my mind... Rest of the "high" sucks tremendous ass tho...

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