Nutmeg extraction?

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  1. I read about making nutmeg tea before and sweetening it with honey. It doesn't matter how much sugar, honey or fish guts you put in it, it's still gonna stank of the ugly nut.
    But in the recipe for the tea it said not to let it cool down or a "white precipitate" will form and the tea won't work. Well if the tea doesn't work that white stuff should.
    I looked it up on wiki and Myristicin oil solidifies <25*C and boils at 173.

    Basically could you make the tea, strain it, let it cool and eat the white gunk? All the other methods I've heard involve alcohol or hydrochloric acid, would this extraction work?

  2. duno bro, ive tried nutmeg a few times, i get absolutly NO recreational value from it, ive tried fresh nutmeg that i ground myself and store bought, tried the nutmeg tea before to (except made a choco milk shake sorta thing out of it, tasted BAD)

    nutmeg is bad overall but gl finding ur answer.
  3. I have no idea. I have never tried nutmeg. All I know about nutmeg is that it supposedly lasts for 36 hours, that everyone I know that tried nutmeg all had bad trips, and one way to consume it. Instead of trying to make the tea, why don't you just eat fresh ground nutmeg?
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    Never done nutmeg for recreation, but curious question; what exactly would you be extracting? What chemical/drug is in nutmeg that causes its effects at high doses?

    Edit: never mind. Go Erowid!
  5. I tried nutmeg a couple times before, and it's not at all fun.
    I fell asleep for 16 hours, woke up to pee. I pissed for an entire 3 minutes straight, and then I had drymouth worse than I've ever had before.
    I felt nauseated, my eyes were bloodshot, and I felt like I'd been hit over the head with a frying pan. And then I fell back asleep for 20 hours.
    No euphoria, no hallucinations (and I took VERY high dosages).
    When I woke up from that day-long nap, I felt tired, and a little disconnected from my brain.
    That's how it went all 3 times I did it.

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