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nuthin worse

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. than driving up and seeing your still impressive (built the hardway) snowman big as day in the front yard with dog piss all over it, not luckys,someoneleses damn dog peeed all over my snowman!!!!!!!.......

    having to unload and stack a truck load of wood while a 10 yr old pellets you with snow ballls, after like the 3 or 4th stop it, yer forced to swear! thats just when ya see the new neighbors starrin :D

    having to dig the "ramp", with a spaded shovel, (cant wait to see what tat looks like) built down the backsteps for sliding :rolleyes: to "haul" firewood up.

    still getting hit with snowballs,...neighbors are still outside.....
    i think we made a nice impression


    Belt the new nieghbors with a snowball, let 'em know what they're dealin with right up front!
  3. lol yep, what okie said.
  4. couldnt get emthey was too far way....
    but they also had a nice show
    but i cant believe i forgot the most imprtant part,
    hhhm,.........i wonder who tripped over a lil snowbank face first an dropped alll her firewood?
    not once but twice!!!...the butt fall was not so bad cause i didnt drop anything

  5. We'd expect nothing less of you.

    Sleep well Earth.

    All is well.

    God is in heaven.

    Highya busted her caboose again.

    All is as it should be!
  6. an,an, the snowman?...
    thats sucks too man.
  7. The little trail I had cut out to the vehicles is now completely yellow. I'm not sure, but I think my dogs are having their friends over while I'm at work. Kinda takes all the purty out of the snow.
  8. Are ya'll married?

    Smokie keeps making coments and trying to get noticed.

    Mean while Highya is ignoring his ass.

    I have often wondered about you two!
  9. i think ill just paint the whole freakin thing yellow, problem solved.
  10. Better give the leghound some attention Highya.

    He's getting that look in his eye.

  11. Are you getting jelous of me? Mr. Smokie.

    I don't need attention, Just lovings!
  12. *strokes budhead,......
    right behind his left ear.....:D

  13. That was a little low for my ear.

    I might not should have said that.

    It's ok she will not mind.

    You don't know her well enough to know for sure.

    Aw fukit i'm gonna leave it.

  14. then i guess that wasnt your tail waggin either eh?.....:D

  15. Nope it wasn't..

    That wasn't water on the end either.
  16. ACK!

    (3 letters, I'm getting good at this!)
  17. i wondered why after only a few strokes you peed on my floor! :D

    i luvs ya
  18. It was all the water you made me drink.

    Or maybe it was the liquor.

    Or maybe just too excited!
  19. n wow the ferakin yea man! heeh
  20. thats what get for petting the pooch. ;)
    gnight boys,n girls

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