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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Oct 8, 2001.

  1. ok, i was sooo undeceided where to put this picture as it reaaly pertains to nothing. BUT iwas high when i took it , and im high now....but i still dont think it goes in the pot pics....OOOOH the pressure! havin a smoke on my front porch, i thought id share some Fall with Ya'll

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  2. Your little place in the country looks nice! Nothing better than sitting on the front porch and enjoying natures wonders. It's what I do every weekend.
  3. another fine example of lurkers..... hehe this time i am just kidding.
    id hoped to see some of your views. ;)
    there is this one guy with a really great camera,-n-stuff....its fall there right?....
    bet its getting pretty in the smokies too. we didnt go this year,*shakes her head....whata shame.
    and not to mention i have no clue about the critters habitat, i did not watch survivor2. i wnder what you see critter when you step outside? id wager its not the kangaroo thing ive dreamed up.....
    bet somebodys sitting on all kinds of storms,fish and flowers.
    *sigh....i guess im just a dreamer


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