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  1. I'm not very familiar with the nutes and etc. Could someone fill me in on Nutes you think are necessary purchase for growing indoors.... and how much or how little I should use....
  2. Hi Boxoftom :wave:, I figgered i would help you out since i had the same question once and i had a hard time finding an answer.Lemme tell you what i did that seemed to work for me.First i germinated my seeds, remember that seedlings generally carry enough onboard nutes to go about 2 weeks.At this point i only watered about once a week or when i could stick my finger about an inch in the soil and feel no moisture.From reading alot on the subject i noticed alot of folks ease into the nutes.Usually only using quarter strength to half strength first.My first fert was something called alaskan fish fert.It wasnt high in any of the important nutes and i just added it at half strength to my water.(I got the fish fert at wally world , it was in a white plastic bottle i would show a pic but i dont have the container anymore) It was like 6 bucks.Once my girls started reaching their third to fourth internode i bought this stuff called Schultz plant food plus and eased into it at about quarter strength(I was scared to go for it)But my girls seemed to like it.Schultz is a liquid food so mixing it is easy just read the directions.Okay now for a quick education about the required ferts. When you look at the label of most plant foods you will see a three digit number that looks like this 7-7-7 (<--schultz violet food) these numbers represent the nitrogen,phosphate,potassium levels of that particular fert.My Schultz plant food plus is 10-15-10 which is higher in phoshate.I really needed something like 20-10-10 for vegging since at the growth stage the plants need more nitrogen.I went with what i could get at the time.But now that i am into flowering i am still using it along with a new additive ..Molasses(storebought without sulfer) ..just one teaspoon along with the schultz at half strength in one gallon of water.I really should find a fert with higher phosphate now like say a 10-30-10 for example because now the plant needs the phosphate more for blooming .Some ppl say to find a fert with all the micronutrients like mang, iron, sulfer...i would say just read up a bit and educate yourself.If you go to any of the hydroponic sites most of them have premixed ferts you can buy also_Once i find a good higher phosphate fert i will ease into it up to full strength while flowering along with the molasses until about 2 weeks till harvest, then i will stop all ferts and just use water to flush all the ferts out for a smoother less chemical taste.I think with one plant i will continue to molasses it just to see if it helps the final product.Here is one of my girls just before i started flowering.Say hi to Angelia_Ivey [​IMG]
  3. Thank you so much! by the way she is sexy!!! This helped alot and I will refer back to it when I start my grow :) +rep.

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