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    A friend suggested i use age old bloom with tiger bloom, molasses cal mag and fox farm dry nutes ( open sesame). First time all on my own so any advice is appreciated. any changes i should make? have been running age old grow and seaweed through veg. Thanks guys!
  2. Nutes is totally a personal does the plant(s) look? If going smooth....keep it as is....if suffering....might wanna contemplate changing up doses and/or name brand.
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  3. As Kronik mentioned, choice of nutrient is personal preference. For first timers I would normally recomend one of the two or three part nutrient regiments just to keep it simple. However, if you already have the nutrients then just go with what you have now.
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  4. How good do you wanna be?
    If you listen to your friend you will be as good as he is.
    If you want simple and just read the back of the box look into advanced nutrients as there systems are great for beginner they ph balance themselves and are proven worthy of even the best.
    If you wanna take it up to pro. learn about what each individual nutrient does and use the products made by " RAW Saluables " this program allows you to spoon feed as needed Each nutrient .
    YouTube "NPK university" and the rabbit hole gets as deep as you want it to.
    Best thing to do is actually learn about each nutrient and be better than your friend.
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  5. Been watching all morning! Thanks man!
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  6. That's great!! That channel will put you on the right course so easy to understand and so complete.
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