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  1. I bought miracle grow bloom booster, should I water with it every watering?

  2. Bought the same thing I heard every other day but Ill stay tuned on what others post here.
  3. You should immediately throw it in the trash.

    Don't wait - go do it now. Get it out of your house and don't ever buy it again.

  4. Please explain, I don't have any nutes and I'm starting to bud so I need something and don't have time to wait for foxfarm
  5. For starters Miracle Grow is THE worst crap you could give your plants - ever. I wouldn't feed that crap to my house plants if somebody gave it to me.

    Secondly Miracle Grow is owned by Monsanto, who is without a doubt the worst company this planet has ever seen. Genetically Modified Organisms, Bovine Growth Hormones in your milk and cattle, Agent Orange, DDT and a multitude of other nasty chemical bullshit polluting our world.

    Whatever on that tho - that blue crap you're gonna put in your water and call nutrients is simply awful.

    You will get out of your garden what you put into it.

    Good in/Good out - Crap in/crap out

    Your call. What did you plan on using?

  6. I've used nothing but water and it did pretty good but now that its budding I want to make it produce big buds and I'm worried water isn't enough
  7. I almost to harvest with my fist grow and I usd MG
    All the way through its not the best but if it's all u got it will work. The bloom booster won't make bigger buds it just made a lot more bud sites. Don't use it everyday I used it about once a week at 1/2 strength.
  8. Cool thanks!
  9. And you want to stop using the MG nutes about two weeks before harvest because what u read is it takes awhile to flush the nutes out and if u don't it will taste an smoke harsh
  10. Yeah mine look no where near that lol but I'm using 3cfls and just plain h2o.I just started popping pistols2 days ago I see like 11 bud sites but they are small, how long until they get bigger

  11. If I could make a suggestion, you can get nutes on ebay in smaller bottles cheap and shipped free. I got the FF trio in 4 oz bottles for $12 shipped. Took 4 days to receive ground. Just enough I need for my grow.
  12. Just bought fox farm grow up big bloom and tiger blossom. What order should use, how much, and how often?

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  13. While miracle grow is derided hard in the community, it will work if nothing else is around. My first two grows were with mg, and they came out ok. MG is terrible with salt buildup.

    After you're first grow with some good AN or GH nutes, you will never look back. Deficiencies are a thing of the past with AN or GH 3 part systems.
  14. I'm looking at 6oz bottles if foxfarms trio its cheap but how long will 6 oz last?
  15. I'm probably going to use 1/4 to a 1/2 of the recommended dosage in a gallon a water and use the fert water every other watering or two waterings.

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