nutes sprayed directly on plant

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  1. I was wondering if it would do any good to spray nutes directly on the plant when watering it...if it is benificial when could a guy start doing it and would it have to be a lighter blend or would the water nutes ration not differ from what you put in the soil
  2. MJ isn't a foliage type of plant, so it doesn't really absorb what lands on it's leaves. Nutes after 3 weeks of veg, look at the directions on the bottle and use quarter strength with every other watering, then build up to every watering and full strength.
  3. hey thanks man
  4. Don't know what Kevin's smokin' but please pay no attention to him. Here's a Q&A with Ed Rosenthal that might help answer your question more clearly.

  5. I have a bottle of floralicious plus that has directions for a spray, 1-2 teaspoons per gallon i believe. According to the company, one spray a week is perfect.

    And i must say after just one spray i saw results.(denser nugs:smoking:)
  6. No disrespect to Ed Rosenthal but MJ only has stomata on the underside of the leaf - not on the top. I'm with Kevin in that foliar feeding is not an effective strategy for growing mj.
  7. In Ed's defense, he didn't mention where on the leaves the stomata were.Also,if the leaves were "dripping w/ the watering solution, i would think some would reach the underside.This would be helpful info if he had mentioned it.So, maybe just feed the undersides of leaves?
  8. Don't know what Ed Rosenthal is smokin' but please pay no attention to him. :)

    I second what Johnk said. MJ is not as efficient when fed foliarly as it is when fed through the roots.

    Good luck.
  9. this might be true but it couldnt hurt to help spread nutes like iron could it maybe a spray once every 2 weeks with 25% ratio
  10. I use foliar feeding when i show massive deficencies for something. It stops the progression in its tracks until you can get the culprit under control.

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