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  1. Hey GC im starting my first outdoor guerrilla grow this season and im a bit confused about nutrients. Im growing an assortment of autoflowering plants that go from seed to harvest in 8-10 weeks. Im getting the fox farms trio of big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom. I know your suppost to wait 4 weeks to give any nutrients and you also have to only do water the last 2 weeks to flush out the chemicals, this leaves very little time to feed nutrients? Do you use all 3 at once or what? Im also growing some normal non auto plants, how would I apply the nutes to them? Like I know you use different nutes or a combination at different stages of the plants life. Could somebody help a brother out and break it down for me please!! I greatly appreciate any help and advice!
  2. Go to the fox farm site and you'll find a feeding schedule on there. Its idiot proof lol.
  3. Wait two weeks alot of nutrient is seperated to make you simply buy more after two weeks start feeding it with a high nitrogen and a lower p and k at signs of pre flower boost it to a high nitrogen p and k flush for 2 weeks before
  4. Thanks guys!

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