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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by asd3reff, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Anyone knows a website from where i can order online organic nutes? I preffer the company to be somewhere in europe, Amsterdam .... etc.
    thanks all.
  2. it, theres dozens of them

  3. thanks for advice. i did, imagine it simpler. i just could not find. there are onl;y seeds and accesories. if you know something you can help me, if not.....
  4. they have everything but its kind of pricey so you might want to look around for something cheaper. check out their nutrients calculator and go the 100% Organic line you dont need everything on the calculator ( at least im not) hope this might help you out a little bit
  5. i preffer the store to be in europe. or amsterdam if you know one.....
    as I it, I didnt say that to be a dick, I said it because it works every time if you know what to search for. The 3 Counties Hydroponics is legit, and Advanced Nutrients are the best nutes you can buy (theres a European based branch). I know drchronic also sells nutes even though its a seed bank.

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