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  1. Hey All,
    I am into hydro and after I sprout and my girls are in veg, when do I start giving them nutes? I have:Sensi grow part a and b
    Sensi bloom part a and b
    Big Bud
    Vita boost pro
    When do I use each one of these and how much?
    Obviously the sensi grow is in veg and the sensi bloom is in flower but the others are not so definite. Thanx for your help...Peace;)
  2. BUMP BUMP...Anyone?:eek:
  3. vita boost...sounds like veg...and big BUD sounds like flower..but if they are the brand names then i couldnt even start to guess under that hahahahah
  4. i haven't grown yet, but i've been doing some reading.

    Lucas Formula
  5. you gotta read the back of the containers to know how much of what to use.theres usually directions on the back of most nutrients, i use fox farm in my hydro system so idk about an. i think thats who makes sensi. you should give your plants 1/4 strainght nutes the 2nd week of life. use the grow as directed on the back divided by 4.
    hope this helped.
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