Nutes and PPM

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Aerogrowhoe, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. OK I have been growing for a number of years and have been looking at Aero for my next gorw. I have never expiramented with hydor before and need help with my nutes.

    When I visited my "local" hydro shop the guy told me that i only needed two bottles of nutes for my entire grow they are both "IONIC" brand. The first is grow formula and has N-P-K of 3-1-5 and the second is bloom formula 4-5-8 first does this sound right? I am used to soil nutes of much higher readings. Second, the guy told me when my nutes/ppm got low i should just add more grow or bloom solution respectively. My question is does this cause a buildup of other nutes that havent been used, and if there will be a buildup of other nutes how do i deal with them. do i use PH up and down solutions. If someone could give me a clue on how the nute PPM, and PH are related i would appreciate it.

    From what i have heard most of the nutrient settings on hydro and aero are the same. could someone confirm. I have just set up a cheap aero and can't wait to use. if there is someone outthere that is well versed in aero i could use some help on my start. thanks

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