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  1. This is my first grow and its about that time of year! Here in northern cali most growers take their clones out around 4/20. Only a few weeks away. Ive had some bag seed out since late feb that are lookin great.

    My plan for this grow is simple. (I wish i would have done research before hand and gone organic, theres always next season tho) I'm planning on goin 70% happy frog with 30% perlite. 2 cubic feet is only $10 here so im not worried about the cost. However, I'm not sure what nutrient system I'm going to use. I was thinking about the fox farms trio but its pricey. I'm going to have about 10-13 plants (subracting males, if any) I plan go 1,3,5 and 10 gallon smart pots for flower.

    So what are the best liquid nutes youve bought? I was planning on adding lime to deal with ph, but its starting to sound like a ph meter and ph up/down is a neccesity. For the ammount of plants how much should i buy if i want to use the nutes lightly (1/4 strength instead of half)

    Keep in mind this is a full outdoor grow, any advice is appreciated!
  2. If it's a full outdoor grow then everything should go into your medium, then all you need to do is water n' go...
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  3. Theyre going to be in pots.. i dont have the local resources to ammend the soil. I feel like ordering online would be costlier than just buying liquid nutes
  4. Well, you can buy liquid nutrients for 30.00 - 50.00 to cover your entire grow, or your can buy a proven ready-made mix for that same amount of money. But the first one will require a lot of work, mixing and feeding, and making sure your ph is right every time you mix up a new feeding, or do the second one and just water without ever having to worry about anything even your ph because whats in the mix fixes everything. When I do indoor grows, iI always liquid nutrients, because I myself take care of all the watering, when I go outside, my mix takes care of everything because I cannot completely control the watering. To me it just makes more sense to only have to provide the water my plants need when mother nature doesn't do it for me. I give you a good example of why I don't like using liquid nutrients outdoors, say one day you feed your plants because they need to be feed, then on that same day, later in the day, you have a rain storm come through that washes your feed away, which then causes your plants not to get the full nutrients that they needed that day.
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  5. You do not have to go with liquid nutes. As a matter of fact, I ditched them about 3 years ago when a grower friend out in Southern California turned me on to "Jack's" by J.R. Peters. It's a powder combo pack, veg and bloom, and mixes up a lot like Miracle Grow fertilizer does. It's VERY simple to use and my plants love it. I've been feeding it for years now with no consistent deficiencies or other issues. The best part of it all is that it's SUPER cheap. We flower around 25-30 plants every 10 weeks and I can buy enough of this stuff to last me well over a year for under $20. Can't beat that with a stick. Considering that ONE bottle of the liquid nutes I was using before came in at around $27, it was a no brainer to switch if it worked well...which it did. Something to think about. I would go with a 60/40 soil/perlite mix since these plants need a soil with killer good drainage...and the perlite does that. This is just my own observation, but I really don't think pH is such a big issue when growing outside. We grew 4 off on our deck last year in 5 gallon buckets (which were plenty big enough for our plants that each got over 8 feet tall), 2 I pH'd the water for and the other 2 I didn't. They both got rain water when it rained as well. Couldn't tell a bit of difference in the 4 plants. Now I'll be the first to tell you that it matters when growing inside, but I really don't think it's such a big deal with plants growing outside. BUT....if you are going to buy a pH tester stick and the drops to adjust with, go ahead and get one of some quality. A decent quality one is going to cost you $60+. I just bought a new Blue Lab pH tester the other day and it ran me $80...then I had to buy the storage solution and the calibration liquid which was about another $20. But that baby is the Cadillac of pH testers and I LOVE IT!! LOL The cheap ones from Ebay and Amazon that are $12.99 aren't worth wasting your money or your time on. You can be that IF they work correctly in the beginning, it won't last for long and they will eventually not work at all. Buying an instrument to check the pH of water that is NOT waterproof doesn't make sense....and all the cheap ones are NOT waterproof. Just a little FYI there. Good luck with your plants this summer. NOTHING can compare with the sun and natural growing environment. The 4 plants we grew outside last year yielded us many pounds at harvest and buds that were 8 to 12 inches in diameter. Have fun!! TWW
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  6. Thanks for the advice man. You know where i can get these nutes you speak of?
  7. Do u mean this
  8. He was talking about the cirtus feed. 20-10-20 not 20-20-20. However im sure both formulas could go from veg all the way to flower. Ive seen people use the citrus feed for a whole grow with dank ass buds

    Holy shit, its not butter?

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