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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BionicChronic, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Can anyone give me a few nutes which r good, which r organic and which rnt. and which r good for wat stages. If we had a sticky on best nutes for growth stages and stuff it would be very useful.

  2. There's not really a best " nutrient base ", growers experiment different kinds, all types of marijuana have a different performance reactions, so my two cents would be just try different kinds of combos, learn from what you know, dont know. I'd recommend Advanced Nutrients products, check them out.
  3. Wow man those r pretty nice nutes, i already have 2 of the dr hornbys. I quiet into organic grows so i would like to get stuff like guano juice and stuff.

    Also those nutes r really pricey, do u know of any other nutes that r good for veging and some for flowering 2 or ave u used any you have found really effective. Dont have to be organic :p. Any recomendations would be gr8

  4. If you shop around a bit online you can usually find a good deal on whatever you're looking for. I also recommend the AN stuff, both organic and chem. I haven't found anything better and it's worth the money in my book.

    They're not even the most expensive if you do a little shopping. Unfortunately I haven't found any single place that has the best price - they're always fluctuating. Just do some comparative shopping, you'll find a good price no matter what you're trying to buy.

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