Nute deficiency?

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  1. Yo dudes, growing a bag seed of Hog's Portland (As far as I remember... it was strong...). I germinated the seed on 4/20 and planted in a few days (1 or 2) later, it is currently under a single CFL running 24/0 and is in some Miracle grow potting mix since I planted it. It is currently in a 1 liter Arizona Iced Tea container. One of the bottom leaves is turning slightly yellow/brown at the tip and the second pair of leaves are starting to curl a little. I think it is probably either nute deficiency as I haven't given it ANY yet (Side note: What kind of nutes should I use???? Is the Miracle grow style plant food good?) or it has out grown the pot (I'm planning on transplanting it into a large multi-gallon pot soon). What do you think?





    Peace guys
  2. A little stretched from the cfl not being closer to plant. It looks a little over watered and wondering if you have good drainage in that container. A plant that size will only need watering evry 7-10 days depending on humidity and air ciculation. I would let it dry out some, transplant into larger pot with good drainage and just water with plain water(maybe some superthrive) till water starts to run out the drain holes. The new potting soil will have enough fert for a good couple weeks then start with 1/4 mix of fert. The MJ fert will work fine for now.

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