Nute Deficiency Problems!

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    Hey guys, first time grower here,

    EDIT: I am using FoxFarm's Ocean Forest potting soil. I have read this has enough nutes in it already that I should be ok until flowering. Im sooooooooo CONFUSEDDDDD!!!

    I am almost 3 weeks into vegging my first 4 babies. 2 White Widow's, and 2 ICE plants. Everything was going great until I started to notice some drooping leaves, a couple brown spots, and then BAM! it stopped growing. My growth has been 100% stunted.

    Now, I would love to post some pictures but seeing as tho smart phones have GPS labeling built into pictures, I'm not doin that! haha

    Anway, this is what I have come to figure out:

    My plants need Nitrogen and Calcium for sure.

    SO! This is my question:

    I have not had my babies on any sort of nutirents/food before. Is it ok if I start them now on a regiment of food for nutrients? Should I flush the soil before I start to feed them, and how often should I water/feed them when I get them on the food regimen?

    Also, what is a good food to use (I read an article where it said 20-20-20 would be the best to use in my case), and will the 20-20-20 plant food have calcium in it (If I used Miracle Grow All Purpose 20-20-20 Plant Food)?

    Thanks for the help guys! I'll try and figure out how to turn the GPS on my stupid droid off so I can snap some pics!!

    I'm trying as hard as I can to not get discouraged, but I dont want them to dieeeeee! :(
  2. Sometimes the ph gets out of whack and stuff available in the soil doesn't absorb. Sometimes the plant is a nute hog and you need to add more. Do you have a ph pen?
  3. I just got back from the grow store and am currently taking pH readings for all of my plants. I will post results very shorty
  4. Ok update.

    As stated above, I currentl have 2 White Widow plants, and 2 ICE plants.

    All have a pH of 5.0! Which makes me very very happy :) I bet you're wondering why? Well, hell, I figured out the problem! Hurdle #1 for my newbness overcome!

    So now, here is my next question. I have already purchased pH Up and Down. I have a conecrate based pH Up (Powder form)

    How do I go about raisin the pH of the soil of my plants?? Do I add the pH Up to the water I am feeding them with, and then test the pH of that water? Very confused on this subject.
  5. ph the water you use to like 7 for a while to slowly bring it up in the container.

    Never used ph up before that was made for concrete. Might want to look at it's ingredients before you use it, and use very little once you have asertained that it is ok for a plant...

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