nute burn?

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  1. Hope i get this right,never uploaded images before..
    So heres my gals,
    i cant figure this out, nut def, or over fert?
    last feeding was almost 8 days ago only at 900ppm, a few days later i started noticing some yellow tips and its slowly progressed..
    last nite i was looking at them and i noticed the bottom leafs just to touch broke off..the stems are brittle and weak.
    my last watering was fri and was straight water.. its progressing and it appears tha its old growth thats affected as the new growth at the top seems ok.
    what do you guys think,

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  2. Oh i forgot to mention that its mostly the larger fan lleaves this is appearing on.. I have plants in different stages of growth, or sizes i should say, half are a week or so ahead of the others and i fed with the same ppm for both and only the larger side is showing this...
    and my ph has been between 6 to 6.6 the last 3 water feeds,
    can foiler spraying cause this.?
    it looks like a def of some sort, im hoping cause i gave them 1200ppm this morning!!
  3. Please take pics under natural light. HPS drowns and yellows everything out :/
  4. So 75 people looked at my prob and 1 person tells me to take a pics under a diff light.. well here are some leaves from different plants best i can do , i dont have reg light in my room.. i flushed last night with 3 to 4 times the reg amount of ph 6.2 water.. i ph'd the run off and the ph was good oddly enough at about 6.5 but the ppm was almost 1900.. maybe i was getting some toxins built up in the soil??? just looking for a little advice here guys id apreciate it alot..half my crop is affected by this and im approx 2 weeks into flowering..

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  5. Yeah, looks and sounds like nute burn. Since you already flushed (good!), all you can do is wait it out. Wait until you see some new growth that is unaffected before you begin giving nutes again, and then do so at 1/3 or 1/4 strength.
  6. ok sounds good, i will wait it out, i noticed that since i flushed its not progressing as much the affected ones anyway..hope that works..
  7. just some advice from Jorge Cervantez' bible, the three major nutrients-nitrogen, potassium and potash- are all mobile. what this means is that if the plants are affected by a influx in these mobile nutrients than it will be the old leaves which are affected first. the plant diverts the nutrients that it has stored to the new growth. also it wouldn't hurt if your ph was closer to 6.8 since it looks like you're growing in soil. Basically, i would suggest buying his book. it has the answer to everything
  8. so what your saying is i over did it.. i have that book, but i hear different therories on ph levels from everyone.. the grow store guy says lower that 6.5 some same between 6 and 6.5 , you say 6.8 , i dont know i guess its all trial and error... i apreciate your advice, thanks a bunch...
    they actually dont look as bad, the new growth is nice, the older leaves where they were burnt are still hangin on but as long as those nuggets keep gettin growing and the new growth is looking good im happy..
    whats the deal on trimming, some guys on here say to other say dont, im talking about trimming the plant up..does this work? reason i ask is my plants are really close together and i doubt that bottom shit is getting any light...
  9. I would have gotten to ya sooner, underboss, but I just got to these forums. :wave:

    The PrideoCucomonga is very right....since you're in soil, the deck is stacked in your favor in terms of PH. Many nutrients aren't even absorbed properly unless the soil is hanging around at 6.8--give or take a few points on either side. The downside of soil is, you have to resist the most tempting thing, which is fiddling with your plants too often. Many nutrients in soil have a "lag" time of two to four days before even having an effect. With passive hydro like hempy buckets, that time is less, and with DWC.....within hours. Don't freak out if you see something funky here and there, you're plants are weeds, and as a result can take a lot of abuse before they give it up and shed their mortal coil. What you're seeing, is the effects of overwatering and overnuting a couple of days ago--it's just now rearing it's ugly head. Your initial diagnosis of toxins built up in the soil was on track...just too much salts built up in there can restrict how well your plant responds with growth. If you're seeing new growth, and that new growth is green and happy, carry on good soldier, you're doing fine. So, stay off the heavy watering, half-strength nutes, and have a good time!!

    Good Luck!! :metal:
  10. Ok cool man thanks a bunch. I think they've responded well to the flushing. I'm backin off with the nutes for a few days or so. Thanks again.

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