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  1. When the medium has to much nutes and affects the leaf chloryfil production do the lower leaves of the plant get burned first usually and work its way up the plant or does it not have a specific characteristic of what leaves get affected???

    I was wonderin the same about nute the lower leaves get affected first??
  2. Many times when it has too little nutrients it does begin from the bottom of the plant up due to the fact that the plant is drawing all the nutrients to the new growth or the top
    I mean I grow hydroponically so that is something I noticed

    What type of medium are you working with and what type of water, nutes do you use?

    When the plant has too much nutrients it tends to burn the tips of the leaves among other things so we may need more info

    Hope this helps
  3. My medium is coco and ive been working with it for a while now.
    The nute line is the technaflora lineup(boost/bloom)
    I use tap water but obviously ph it to the 5.5-5.8 range

    I posted pics in the sick section and a few ppl said that it looks like nute burn.
    I guess you could also get deficiencies along with nute burn bc certain nutes can get locked out if the medium is unbalanced with too many ferts/salts.

    heres the post:

    since then ive flushed and backed of the nutes for a few days.currently im at a very low strength and they havent gotten worse.

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