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  1. Should i be using my pk boost with AN overdrive? Im flushing in 10 days been usin overdrive for 2days with my bloom nutes and a pk boost is this right?
  2. I dunno. Unless specifically designed, those boosters are for the flowering stages, but I've always been told, the last 1-2 weeks to flush/feed with just straight water to "flush" any potential fertilizer taste from the buds.
  3. in 10days iwill be stoppin all feed completely and going plain water for 2weeks, just dint kno if overdrive mixes with pk boost
  4. you should only give your plants a good boost of pk steroids around week 6 of a 9 week flower its like a final injection. never flush with it.. use a plain ph water to flush week minimum
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  5. yes ive heard that aswell mate my brand said from 4weeks till flush, just dont kno if it will cause problems mixed with overdrive
  6. And i will be flushing with just water for 2weeks istill have 4weeks left minimum .
  7. IMO.. feeding just plain water is not a flush. There will still be tons of nutrients in the medium. You wanna put several gallons of water through each plant and bring the ppm of your runoff as low as possible.
  8. you normally use pk with a flower boost.. a boost is fine through the last stages of flower. im not familiar with what overdrive is though
  9. Its a late stage flower ripener and weight gainer for last 2 weeks
  10. well use it until your buds are ready .. then flush thru and chop mate
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