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    Not sure what it means, but for the past 2 years, I've, at random, looked at the clock, and it would say "4:20". Like, I'd be sitting on the computer just doing my thing, and decide to glance down , and sure enough.... Sometimes it even happens at night. I'll just wake up, and guess what... it's 420 again lol.
    Last week I was just dazed out and driving home from work, and I decided to read the license plate of the car in front of me. It had "420" inside of other characters, with the 4 separated from the 20 by a dash.

    I even almost got a picture of this once, but literally right as I pressed the button to take the picture, it changed to 4:21 on the clock, and the picture didn't reflect this. *sigh*
    I still have the photo too lol. Figured it was about as close as I'll ever get to capturing randomized reoccurring phenomenon.
    Looks like it occurs with others as well, but I just think it's hilarious cause mine is the smoker's holiday date. I wonder if that means I need to smoke more. lol I think so. :D:D:smoking:
  2. Whenever I'm at an examn and are to pick my assignment (in denmark there are an amount of assignments, and each is given a number and you chose a number, not knowing what the assignment is - don't know if other countries do it this way) I always get a high grade when I pick number six, even if it's a subject I suck at. Six is my numerological number (I don't believe in numerologic, btw) and before I figured that out, I always uncunciously visualized a hexagon everytime I meditated. The last couple of nights (have been going to bed late after toking myself to sleep) I automatically woke up at around 6 am drinking some water, then going back to sleep.

    I think numbers might have a relevance, though only in your head; when a number starts to mean something to you, you'll probably start noticing it when it randomly occours in situations that don't seem random. I mean, you randomly see a number (like you did on the clock) and for some reason you notice it. Then shortly after, that number pops up again and you notice it again, and that makes the number special, so you can't help noticing it the third, fourth, fifth (and so on) time it occours.

    But that doesn't make the number less special..
  3. With those excellently intellectual verbal abilities you have, you would make an excellent politician. DAMN those words were deep, man..

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    Those numbers that you look at are run by a machine.

    What possible significance can numbers that are produced by a machine have to you?
  6. what about the other billion times you glanced at the clock...its just chance.

    this happens to me alot with the numbers "420" and "666". does this mean Im possessed? who knows.
  7. i've had this happen to me before. For about 2 1/2 years the clock would always be on 9:11. It stopped about 8 months ago but my ex recently told me that she sees that number on the clock all the time now.
  8. Yeah, think it's all in your mind.
  9. i know it is but its an awkward feeling to not look at the clock ALL DAY and have it read the same time lol
  10. Exactly my point ! lol. :)
  11. I knew a guy who did this also, and it was weird. He always notices 12:34 at night because he says a ghost will do something weird at exactly that time, I've witnessed a few things. My ex always sees 911, I always know when it's 4:20 or pretty close even without the time.
  12. Also your body has an internal clock, that might have something to do with it.
  13. How do you explain the thousands of people who see it without ever hearing about anyone seeing it too and then they go online and google it and find like 300000000 people have already asked "I keep seeing 11:11" or whatever the number is?
  14. Someone's controlling the Internet!
    Everyone. (11:11 11/11 every One)
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    The only reason the number seems relevant is because you make it. Im sure you have looked at the clock other times and seen odd numbers like 10 23 or 8 41 but it didnt sit in your memory because it was just a random number with no significant meaning. But when the number is 11 11 its kind of wierd so you remember, like 4 20, thats only significant because you relate it to something else. Its just subconscious things that kind of book mark that time in your brain so the next time you see it your like "I swear the only time i look at the clock its a significant number".

    Lol i have pondered this many times and thats the best conclusion i could come up with.

    Edit: wow i must have been ripped when i wrote this, lots of missing letters.

  16. Makes sense. :)
  17. I agree too lol. That does make sense. :D
  18. I think you may have misunderstood me, I'm not referring to people seeing/hearing about it then it happening to them, but rather this:

  19. Pick another number and see if it "comes up" a lot. That will tell you whether or not the whole thing is bullshit.
  20. My girlfriend always points to the clock and says "look" whenever it's 11:11. Now whenever I look at it and see 11:11 my brain gets tricked into thinking it's significant or something. The human brain just eats up psychological suggestion, it's pretty irritating actually.

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