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number one

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bud stuffer, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. never been number one before

    Top 10 Posters of the last 24 hours
    Rank Username Posts
    1 bud stuffer
    2 Stylez1877
    3 Bud Head
    4 highawatha
    5 IGotTheCottons
    6 Cali_Toker
    7 MrSmokebigbuds
    8 vatoloco
    9 TheHempress
    10 namron_420s
  2. hehe gj

    im #2 \o/

    but eh its all the same weed on the rotation ya kno :p
  3. wow so thats where my weekend went lol , only see my numbers going up during the week since i got nothing better to do at work than browse the forums at grasscity lol.
  4. Sounds like me LOL. Get home from school, spark a blunt and browse GrassCity lol.
  5. Whoa cool I'm listed....hey where do you go to see all that info!?
  6. the main forum page under advanced statistics

    hey dirty d, when are you shipping off, or have you already.
  7. click on forum home- then advanced statistics
  8. lol, I knew that...just never bothered to scroll down.
  9. lucky 7 :)...thanks....peaces....MrSbb
  10. hhhm an ima
    gotta work on that.

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