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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greengummies, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. What are nugs considered when added to a bag? Like a rip off or just whatever?

    What if someone shoved 5 nugs into a gram bag and sold it to you? Would you be pissed or what? >_>
  2. lol what? a nug as in a nugget of weed. that's a good thing
  3. A nug is a nug of marijuana, think of a chicken nuggget. If the 5 nugs weigh out to 1.1 it'd be fine, if the 5 stems add up to .1.
  4. I would consider nugs to be a plus? but that's just me :)
  5. Good good lol ;D
  6. Most people consider buying shake, or grinded nugs, as a scam or ruse.

    So, I think getting nugs in your bag is the best outcome.
  7. lol talk about being an apprentice toker, nug is the form in which you will buy weed in (hopefully) aka. nugget
  8. Well I had 4 nugs and a bunch of weed, seperated it into 7 grams and put about a nug in each except a few, decided to separate them cause I thought they were a bad thing :L
  9. If i'm not getting nugs when i buy weed, i'm not gonna be a happy stoner
  10. thought you were a troll at first......

  11. Go get post count somewhere else fag
  12. Haha you editted your post just as i pressed quote to ask "why is he automatically a troll?"

    Oh well.
  13. lol fuck off.
    dont lecture me about post count when you think its okay to buy shake.

    it was such a noob question i felt the need to call troll.

  14. Ha ha how could nugs be bad things? Weed starts out as nug and is broken down into shake, which is less preferable to many people because you cannot ascertain the quality as well. Plus, nugs look more wholesome and satisfying than a bag full of shake.
  15. go get a clue little girl
  16. You've gotta be kidding me.

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