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  1. i got this for three dollars

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  2. damn.. i'd take that.. looks like round a gram for $3... I dunno how good the weed its self is tho
  3. looks like a half gram

    a "3 sack", lol
  4. it's pretty dense. it's some reg weights .4.
  5. YO let me get a Tres. I'm poor I cant afford a Nick man.
  6. haha thats funny.. save ur money man.. but i would deff take that hehe

  7. A gram lol. You definately need to purchase a scale if you think that's a gram.
  8. what makes it more worse is he has "Grower" in his sig..i hope u dont deal because u would get stabed if u gave someone that and said it was a gram..sad but true..
  9. ^^haha shit i'm so ripped. i'm to floating.

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