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Nug Shatter in Sacramento

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by edddch, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I'm a current california medical marijuana patient. 
    It seems like I'm just one of the few dabbers in the area as I have struggled to find a dispensary that sells decent concentrates  :unsure:
    I'm looking for shatters, the ones with clear, amber color that taste like candy when you dab them :p  :hello:
    I've found some in San Jose area. HGH extractions, dunno if people know them. I was hooked like a fat boy found something better than burgers.  :yay:
    I know LA for sure has the best stuff... but I'm hoping there might be some being sold at small shops. Or maybe even in SF
    Thanks!  :ey:

  2. Just be happy you even get access to concentrates and dispenceries alone. Here in minnesota I just recently got my oil rig and was only able to experience like 2 grams of real bho out of it, and now I cant find anyone who knows how to get any form of concentrates.
  3. im in LA. unless ur getting $60 grams at daddys of shatter its really hard to find good shit from clubs. thats why i have my boy that sells me gold nug run shatter for $20 a g. cant beat that. i wud suggest the same thing to u. lately LA clubs have been going to shit.
  4. 60 bucks for a case if 10x butane. Winning.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that bro. 
    dabbing really is a great way to smoke. You could be the first real extraction artist in your neighborhood though :p haha
  6. Definitely thinking about doing a run, I just gotta learn more about the process before I get too eager and blow myself up :p
  7. 20 per gram? jesus. why don't I have friends like that.
    Yeah i did pay $60 a gram for the tasty shatters. But you would not believe the stuff I get here for $60. dark, crystal thing that sizzles when you dab them.. makes you cough your lungs out too. 
  8. I got it I make it personally I'll let it go for 25/g really great stuff I'm in Rancho cordova

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