Nug o' Joy

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Duffey, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. Here's a blunt of danker kind bud i got later today, after that other blunt, and that's just a half eigth nug o' joy right there, weighed out to a nice 1.5 grams, and my boy hooked me up with it for only 7 DOLLARS!
  2. woops, heres pic

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  3. shit, i dunno what the scale said, its mad fat, i think it said 2.5 grams or 3, shit, but still 7 bucks of dank mids, good enough for me
  4. better pic?

    nice blunt
  5. thanks, ill take a new pic now since i still had that bud chillen around, and i just burned some with my boy
  6. new pic with exposure up

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  7. the exposure took alot of the green away and brought out all the red hairs, just look at the above pic and match it with the top and add all those red hairs, and there, the bud
  8. thats mids???? looks pretty nice though....thats the good thing about good mids, the nugs are stoney as fuck......

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