nub to gr0w.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jazed, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. im a nub to growing...but... im movin in with my dad...

    and i wanna try to grow my own budz, doesnt matter if i get just a snap, or a whole oz.... i wanna know how much dank i gunna fall off my tree. if i grow a seed from seedling to harvest.. (whatever takes like 60 days right?) .. how much bud will i get, will it be danks? and how do i crossbreed em to make it better danks?

    im thinkin about startin one in one of my closets or under my bathroom sink. i got a foot and a half blacklight, and im gunna grab a better bulb and grow it from 2 of those or somthin. but if i do, how big will it get? i want it to stay kinda small and bushy.

    i just wanna experience a grow and smoke my own budz...that would be dope.. help anyone?

  2. grab a copy of cannabis culture or go to and click on the seeds link.. if you wanna grow a small bushy plant, buy indica dominant seeds.. and the you won't need a blacklight as a n00b... buy an HPS or a MH setup.. checkout sid's grow guide.. it'll have all the info you need on making your grow a successful one.. good luck..
  3. i really dont know were this rumor got started but black lights are no good for pot... get some full spec. or if you got sum cash, a good HPS.. sid or someone will be along to answer this more thourgly.
  4. im gunna put a halogenic bulb in it.

  5. those wont work either(halogens)....ONLY flouros or metal halide/high pressure sodium!!!!!! just use flourescents...their cheap n you obviosly dont want to spend much cash. get cool white for veg, n use some warm white compact flouros for flowering (32watts=3000 lumens.......$8.00 at wallmart)

    good luck!!
  6. thats what i ment, floursecent.... my bad...i was too high when i previously posted.

    but does anyone have the answers to the other questions? how much it will grow? how much dank will grow?

  7. Your best bet would be to grow outdoors. Thats what I did when I was at home. It just takes too much space and all that risk isn't worth it. what about the smell and noise from fresh air exchange? Find a secluded place near a water source. Do alot of research to learn as much as you can. If you get caught as a minor it is worse if it is by your parents. You can get pounds outdoors if you do it right with only one or why not 10.
  8. Agreed, if your trying to go big I would start some big plants indoors and then move them outside. Sativas generally grow larger, look for some that are hearty and disease resistant (cant think of any offhand). The amount you get will depend on a lot of things, but if you do everything very well you could get an oz of weed off a two to three foot plant.

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