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  1. This thread does NOT belong in Pandora's Box, I'll say that first and foremost. This is not a taboo issue, this is real.
    A NSA whistleblower called Edward Snowden has opened up regarding the actions of the NSA and the American Government in general.
    There's not much more I can say other than this man can, please watch the entire video and enjoy, I found it compelling and interesting and you will too if you give it a chance. Kim Kardashian can wait.

  2. Too drunk to watch. Don't care about his BS. Does he actually say something I don't already know or is this another one of those "I know things! I will tell you! You just wait! This is apparently important shit but I'm gonna wait mwuahahahaha!" cases which never turns into anything. 
  3. It's not one of those. He was an NSA administrative supervisor and was exposed to a hell of a lot more in the belly of the beast than anyone else. He's moved to Hong Kong to try to avoid persecution on the fact that Hong Kong (to him) has freer speech. The video explains a hell of a lot in regards to his motives to stop any smear campaign that the American Goverment will use to discredit him.
    I'll bump this shit till I die, people need to watch it. It's 5 hours recent and who knows if it'll be taken down soon.
  4. You're crazy man. None of this is real. Contemplate the situation. You think whistleblower's exist? They paid by the NWO homie. We find out this little stuff so they can fuck more mature women. Ya feel me? 
  5. It's funny how most people don't care about the absurd corruption going on with the Obama regime.. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if my laptop camera is watching me.. Well watching the electrical tape covering it anyways.  :devious:
  6. Fuck that noise.
  7. Don't reply with that 'too drunk' shit. Open your fucking eyes and realize how serious this is.
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    open my eyes?  :laughing:
    I believe in most "well known", respected kind of conspiracies, Ancient Aliens genetically creating us makes more sense to me than natural evolution. 9/11 etc etc etc..  I know how the "higher ups" are. I spent damn near a year being depressed as shit about over the kind of stuff that truly goes on in the world. Watching these kind ( i am assuming, I have not watched) of videos. I am just way, way too drunk to care even less than I have. Either "they" know how much of an asset to them I am. Or how much I stopped caring. 
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    Bump, watch the video you lazy fuckers and stop posting in the 'N-word' thread.
    Edit: That was directed generally, not at the guy above me. The guy in the video makes an excellent point. He knows things that would drive him away from a $200,000 paycheck and living in Hawaii with his girlfriend. He doesn't expect to go back home to the United States. Not to mention Bradley Manning is still in a fucking cell and nobody seems to give a shit.
    You have to deal with risk when you want change drastically. Risk in social situations, bringing this stuff forward as well as risking your life if you are called to arms.
    When will you all get serious about this? If we want revolution we have to get uncomfortable, we have to get dirty and some of us may even have to die.
  10. This isn't a conspiracy. Also watch the video. You're "assuming."
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    It definitely is a conspiracy. I say that with a heavy heart because I know the amount of people who will immediately shoot the idea of it being truthful down in the light of past conspiracies put forward.
    People need to watch the video before making judgement on any kind of information it may hold.
  12. Well yes. I misunderstood his post. By conspiracy, I thought he meant 'OMG alien reptilian Illuminati, I saw a triangle in the new kesha video and lil wayne wore a shirt with a pentagram on it. They're spraying us with mind control chemicals and putting poison in our water. Obama's a hologram demon antichrist! WAKE UP SHEEEEPLE!' kind of conspiracy(the Alex Jones kind). Watch the video and stop making assumptions, whoever that was.
  13. Bump, you guys may as well watch the video considering this thread won't be going from page one if I have anything to do with it.
  14. Bump again, if you appreciate the video I'd appreciate you posting a comment as it keeps the thread at the top.
  15. Bumpity bump bump bump.
  16. I may have missed something, but it didn't really seem like he revealed an awful lot he was rather vague, is this something he's going to do in the future?
  17. He released NSA files regarding the surveillance techniques of the American Government. The video of him talking is him basically outlining all the stuff he leaked.
    They don't discriminate who they collect information from, who they investigate, who they incriminate and who they record.
  18. ah ok anywhere you can find a more detailed look at the documents?
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  20. Cheers for that, didn't get most of that from the video.  But yeah that shit is a big invasion of privacy, I hope they have only been targeting major terrorist suspects.

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