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  1. I was unable to find a NPK fertilizer with 15-15-15 from any gardening stores around my area.
    The clostest NPK i could find was "All Purpose Fertilizer, 20-20-20" and i am not sure if 20-20-20 would be sufficent to use for nutrients for a cannabis plant.


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    the higher the numbers the higher the concentrate. So 20-20-20 has a higher concentrate than 15-15-15. You should use 1/4 the recommended dose when you start feeding your plants, as 20-20-20 is a hefty concentrate.
  3. 1/4 a cup per how many liters of water?
  4. 20-20-20 has the same balance of NPK as 15-15-15, it's just more concentrated. Those numbers are literally percentages.
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    Those nutes will absolutally kill your plants if you try to give them 100% concentrations.  I use 3/2/4 for veg and 1/4/5 for flower and I do serious grows...  DO NOT USE WHAT YOU GOT UNLESS YOU DILUTE AT LEAST 1/4 AS SAID ABOVE!
    Buy these online if you really need guidance (The one in the midle is Cal-MAg supplementation..  Use it to sweeten your nugs and to ballance the Ph):

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    @[member="greenbudguy"] ok, i see it now, hes saying if it says 100 per 1L then i use 25 per 1L

    @[member="OneFreeMan"] ill think about buying online, but i think ill stick to trying the 20-20-20 and using much less of it, onece-twice every week or so?
  7. Yup. 1/4 of the recommended dosage. Any time you use a new nutrient, always start with a lighter feeding than the recommended. You might be fine but always better to err on the side of caution and not hurt your girls

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  8. @[member="greenbudguy"] ill try not too! if i do then i learn from my mistakes^^ not like ill get everything perfect on my first time:)
  9. I really have for the last month, still got 2 or so months of waiting game (start germinating late april, let it grow for 3 weeks indoor in may and hopefully if the weathers nice enough ill put it in the ground) till i can have some action,

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