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now... time for the reflection....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. well, as most of you may already know... i took some insane acid last night. i'd just like to share a little of what i experienced/saw lastnight and well into this morning.

    i took it at around 7pmish. came back to my house with a friend of mine around 7:15 or so (?) and due to me taking all kinds of vitamine C that day and when i dropped i was already starting to trip... we went into my room and chilled for a while, then i came to the city.

    by 8 i was already tripping at the intensity i was when i was peaking from the two i took earlier in the week... by 8:30 i got word that the 'cid was extremely potent, and that i was in for one hell of a ride.

    8:45, i look at my friend and say "what did i do?". by now i'm trippin' like i've never tripped before. eyes wide open, seeing shit more intense than the Geiss 5 plugin for winamp.

    around 10:15 or so my friend leaves and goes to my other friends house.

    the speed at which the trip was intensifing started to slow down which was quite welcome... at around midnight i went to the other guys house to chill there for a while.

    someone pulls out a fat sack of some awesome KB's and my bubbler... the buds smell and taste like oranges, and i'm like "i've gotta hit this"... so we proceed to smoke about 4-5 bubblers worth of some of the dankest buds i've ever smoked.

    i'm assuming this is the reason my trip started getting really intense, really fast. from then on every minute that went by i was tripping harder than the last. i stayed at the guys house for a while, and by 1:30 or so i'm tripping so hard that i was just laying on his bed holding on to the sheets. i'm hearing and tasting colors, seeing sounds, and music's playing in my head... but i still wasn't peaking.

    i get up to check my eyes which was impossible... so i asked my not tripping friend to tell me what my pupils looked like. he tells me they're going oOoOoOoOoO <= like that.

    left the dudes house around 3:30 in the morning. got home, and came to the city. it was damn near impossible for me to read so i signed off the net and layed down in my bed... this is around 4:00am. around 4:15 i hit my peak... i just layed in the bed and the next thing i realize is that it's 7:30 in the morning and i have to take a piss.

    i get up and realise i'm still tripping like i was peaking off of about 4 hits of 'cid... i take the piss and lay back down... i came to around 11:30ish, and didn't stop seeing shit until almost 2 in the afternoon.

    <big>WHAT A NIGHT!</big>

    if it's around in a few weeks i'm gonna do 10... there's a couple different people now who can get it, so i'm thinking it's back for a while. :D
  2. sounds like a crazy experience, 10 huh, don't over do it.
  3. nah... wouldn't over do it. i'd stop with 10... just to see how intense it would be. i can handle my hallucinogens just fine... i really enjoy the experience, so i don't panic when it gets intense... and i'm careful about environment and being around people i trust... staying positive... all that stuff. if it gets a bit out there i just remind myself that it's just in my head.

    this stuff is literally as potent as the 'cid was back in the day... very pure. so if ya figure... hendrix put 5 hits under his bandana (at least that's what they say)... i did 1 more than that lastnight. :D
  4. so long as you know your limits i guess you will be alright
  5. IGotTheCottons,
    You remind me of when I was younger... I used to always quote my favorite philosopher, Michel Foucault, who said we should always be looking for our limit experience. :)
  6. sounds awsome cottons.
  7. The Big Lebowski is one of my favorite movies. :)
  8. yea its a great movie. i totally agree

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