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now thats lucky... :P

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by engol, May 30, 2009.

  1. yesterday me and my brother were goin to some shop(high ocourse) and we were about 500m from the shop, and then my brother saw a police car about 15 meters away from us and said "hey look police!" and i said "so fuking what? we havent done anything bad, have we?" and 2 sec later we see 2 policeman runnin from that car to us. they stopped us and said that they gonna stop as for a minute. they asked if we hae anythin that we shouldnt and i said no(i had a 1/8 in my pocket. and as they were gettin ready to search us, third policeman came out of that police car, and said that it is not us ! and they didnt search us ! haha i allmost shit my pants there :p lucky:D
  2. that's pretty halarious
  3. Wow that was lucky.
  4. haha dam luckiest story ive ever heard
  5. you can deny search. you did nothing wrong
  6. If their out looking for some guy who just shot up a place with a black hoodie on and you're a few blocks from the place and you're wearing a black hoodie, they can search you.
  7. holy shit that's crazy.

    I probably would have gave that third police man a hug, or at least two thumbs up. :smoke:
  8. yea true probable cause.
  9. shit is fucked how they just roll up and search you...glad the 3rd pig stopped the other 2. :hello:
  10. you are one lucky lucky kid.

  11. wrong. they can search for concealed weapons on your person at any as shitty as it might have been the cops had the right to pat the OP down if he wanted. this is why the OP was extremely lucky... ;)

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