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Now that mother's day is over, let's talk about what we got our moms.

Discussion in 'General' started by Synergy, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hope I scared the shit out of you.

    Don't forget about mom on May 9th! :D
  2. I won't, thats my B-day :D
  3. I know what I'm getting your mom...

  4. hahaha nice...
  5. haha you got me man. I was thinkin to myself ooo shit
  6. you wily bastard, made me think i missed work. its one of the biggest days of the season so id be pissed if i missed it.
    nice trick man, ya done got me good
  7. Well that's not very nice. I'm sure whatever gift I get her will be perfectly acceptable instead.
  8. I thought some idiot bumped this thread from last year:hello:

    I should start shopping for her in a few weeks.
  9. Mother fucker, you got me good man I thought I was gonna get murdered for forgetting :laughing:
  10. Damn :( I hope im not in jail on mothers day thatd suck
  11. Hiiigh!! Bro, you tripped me the fuck out. I was scared as shit.

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