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Now I don't have a dealer. How do I find a new one?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JakeMader, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Basically, me and all my friends share the same dealer. Usually we drive over to his house and pick up however much we want from him. That was going pretty well until my friend called me saying he almost got shot because the dealer had suspicions he was working with the government... okay... Not going around that freak any more...
    So how do I go about finding a new source? All my friends and I go to him so I can't ask around and find a new number because that we all have that one guys number. What do I do?
  2. You cant talk about dealing on here, youre gonna get banned but if someone was to find a marijuana dealer they could ask friends or strangers, i would think its easy, then the person could end up with 100's of sellers
  3. good luck. i found my current dealer though my neice
  4. I'm pretty sure he can ask about finding a dealer, he's not talking about dealing..
  5. Go to parties. Network and socialize.
  6. bars maybe?
  7. hold up sign on freeway off ramps will work for buds
  8. id just go back to the guy with the gun.
  9. Tell your old dealer that you do work for the gubment. Proceed to let him know that if he doesn't keep hooking you up, he's in for it.

    Come on now, does he really want to shoot a fed?
  10. almost got shot? Why would he even think about shooting a government worker :/ It's obviously an empty threat
  11. Does your friend tend to tell tall tales? Did the guy point the gun at him or did he just say "I'm going to shoot you"? If he did pull the gun, Is he sure it's not an airsoft pistol painted black..A gas station got robbed here the other day and when the cops caught up with him they found out it was just a plastic airsoft gun.

    Also when you yourself dealed with him did he seem like a reasonable guy during the transactions? If so call him up and calmly ask what caused the incident and express the fact that you and your friends do not work for the government. Because if you did he would be in jail for threatening a federal officer and trafficking smoke. Hope it works out for you man best of luck.

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