Novice Grower Needs Help Pt.2

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KingChambs, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. This is my very first grow and I would say it is going fairly well. I do not know what type of marijuana I am growing considering I picked it from a friends pack, but it seems to be an Indica-dom. As far as deficiencies, I have no idea on whether or not this plant has any which is why I posted the pics below so I could get some help from the growers who are more experienced. The plant is sitting in Miracle Gro Potting Soil and is being fed with Miracle Gro Flower Bloom Food (I know, neither are the best of the best). The plant seems to be growing at a slow pace, height wise, but other than that it is growing at a decent rate. The plant is about 3-4 weeks old and is usually kept outside in a spot I believe it is getting the optimal amount of sunlight. I see some inner growth as well and would like to know if I should start fimming, etc. I have a basic idea on how to grow, but other than that, I know nothing. So please if you guys notice any deficiencies, have any tips, and know how I should trim my plant, please let me know! Thanks Guys.


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  2. PLant looks nice. I wouldn't start trimming until all those little leaves grow up a little more, well i would  trim those top 2 growing shoots. Dosen't seem to have any obvious deficiencies. Although if it were me i would start tying her down so all the leaves get a nice coating of sunlight. 
  3. Why are you using a bloom fert during veg? I believe M.G. already has fert in it you have to be careful not to fry the poor girl 
  4. Yea I would chainge soil because M.G uses slow acting ferts in the soil that continusly feeds your plant for 6 months....l you don't want to be flowering your plant and auto nutes are being given to your plants threw the soil.... You harvest will taste IIke poop.

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