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Nothing sucks like the Big Orange!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. Roll Tide!!!!!

    Rammer, jammer Yellowhammer!!
    Give'em Hell, Alabama!!

    (HINT: pronounce "alabama" as "ala-bammer" and it rhymes)

    Big ball game this weekend, the mighty UT Vols rae destined for a whipping at the hands of the mighty crimson pachyderms!!

    And just so my little razorback fan doesn't feel lonely, what did you think of those mighty big blue wildcats and their 300 pound quarterback last weekend???
  2. LMAO Titans are much worse though. Now they suck big time!!!!!!!!!
  3. lorenzen and pinner can watch me smoke a joint while they thats torture folks...


    tennessee over bama by 3..
  4. Dare I say a thing??????

    Man, Poppa....I don't know about this one. Alabama has been playing well and my Vols have been suckin' with all those damn freshmen this year and Clausen's fuck ups and shoulder injury....GRRRRRRRR!!!!

    I have faith in my team though and I stand by them no matter what...I'll be back with more comments later...this damn thread made me sneeze...I've sneezed like 10 times in a row now...11...
  5. I read in the paper today that Bama is not putting any special emphasis on the UT game. No UT stickers on the scout team helmets, no orange jerseys on the scout team, No "Rocky Top" blaring from the loudspeakers during practice. Bama is preparing for UT just like any other opponent.

    Bama is really not that loaded with talent this year. What they are doing is playing good together as a team and playing very good techniques. No stupid or bonehead plays, holding the ball correctly, etc.

    The game is being played in Knoxville, which should only help the Vols. I have the upmost confidence that Bama will prevail, just like I felt good that Kentucky would feast on hog meat in Arkansas last week.

    BTW, RMJL after seeing the Kentucky Wildcats play so far, do you still feel good that UT will roll all over the cats in late November??
  6. Well, Poppa...Kentucky beat us in pre-season... so I have no prediction. That was a surprise then...I guess we'll wait and see if we get another surprise from the Cats.

    They have that freaking monster for a QB....damn, that boy is big. Left-handed too, right? I know what I want to happen...I want my VOLS to kick some ass...but hell, when you fuck up snaps and your best guys are out or playing injured, your chances of kicking ass aren't all that good.

    All I can do is have faith in them...I'll always bleed orange and I'll sing Rocky Top until I'm in my grave...the rest is all up to them. They know their fans aren't happy campers so you'd think they'd get their butts in gear. Alabama has always been a big deal for us...mostly just because it's Alabama, just like with the Gators but you don't feel the rivalry in the air anymore like you used to...although the quarters on our ball board are worth $150 each instead of $50 as usual...we only did that for the Gator I guess it is still a big deal at least to those of us betting money.
  7. when i blinked..i saw a turd flying across the room

  8. 'Cept for late in a game against the Crimson and Cream!:p

    Could'nt resist that one.

    BCS says we're in the drivers' seat for another one of them crystal footballs. But wtf is the BCS worth anyway? They got Notre Dame #3! That is bullshit in it's truest form! Those dudes play tomato cans all year long, no conference championship game! No annual rivalry to speak of. It's all about keeping NBC's ratings up there!

    I pick 'Bama by 4.

    It really pains me to do that.

    Sorry RMJL.

    But usually if I'm pulling for a team, it's the kiss of death!

    So maybe you wanna thank me instead?

  9. You are right Mr. Okie, the Tids let that win slip away, but they still covered the spread and that counts for a win in this part of the country.

  10. I'm going to wait until after the game to decide whether or not you are in TROUBLE, smokinokie!!!! If the kiss of death lands on BAMA then you're in good shape. If it doesn't, WATCH OUT!!!!

  11. what?... yeah yeah yeah, im back, and im gonna be in high quality form more days away...anywho..glad to see the backs beat ole miss and it wasnt another 7 overtimes
  12. UT's my school, I'm going there next year. Hell yeah! So many great stoned experiences in Knoxville. They have some of the best bud too, BTW. Get mine all from there.
  13. SMOKINOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Hey, RMJL, I was wanting to stay in Gibb Hall, my brother says it rocks what do you think?

  15. Yeah, like thats never happened before!

    Don't take it out on me. It's pretty obvious that the ref's were well paid by 'Bama. I only saw a little of the game but that double bad call was pretty bogus!!! Reminded me of some Big 12 officials.

    I must learn to use these powers for good, not evil. Or better yet, how about for monetary compensation?
  16. JT...Gibbs Hall is supposed to be doesn't have as much stuff going on as say North Carrick and it is all guys....not coed... but it should still be a good place to live....being on UT's campus is cool enough in itself, though! did the whole kiss of death thing so you can't be slick and get out of trouble like that....but I am tired so I'm going to let you slide anyway!!!!!!!!!

  17. Smoky's kiss of death works!!!!!!!!

    He was really pulling against Alabama so he predicted them to win, because his kiss of death works against his wishes. But because, he really wanted Tennessee to win, they got beat!!

    BTW, The Great Pumpkin, aka Phl Fulmer in the Orange shirt, should be hung for playing Clausen at quarterback. That kid is hurt bad, hell he couldn't stretch his arm out to hand the ball off. The coach should be fired for jeopardizing the health of his players that way.
  18. My hall choices are Gibbs, then Reese and third was North Carrick. My brother stayed in Reese, it was alright. Gibbs' dorms are a ton bigger and the bathroom setup seems better. Anyways, whenever I go to Knoxville, it's great. College Park has great parties. Going to the games is bad too. Oh, I can't wait until next year...

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