"Nothing beats this" game

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  1. Nothing beats smokin some weed and playin 360 all night with friends.

    now you guys go:smoking:
  2. nothing beats weed and waffles. a lot of waffles.
  3. First speedball/Lots of good Lucy.
  4. Nothing beats communicating with those on a higher plane than you while on DMT
  5. Eating a 10-strip of acid and meditating on the nature of Quality and the oneness of the universe.
  6. Nothing beats grabbing a bottle of DXM from Wal-Mart and returning to your college dorm to sit back and trip, and reflect upon life and such. Oh, and watch Fight Club
  7. Nothing beats smoking a few bowls and walking in the mountain air on a sunny day
  8. nothin beats smokin a b, sippin a brew next to a campfire in cool mountain air

    nothin beats jumpin into the ocean after months of being landlocked

    nothing beats seeing friends and family that live far away, and partying

    nothin beats a good buffet

    nothin beats seeing one of your favorite bands play one of your favorite songs
  9. taking like 5 hits of acid and playing Elder Scrolls 4 for 12 hours. i did it and it was fantastic!
    taking acid and wake boarding i've heard it amazingly fun though
  10. nothing beats a nice shot of h while peaking on mdma(don't try this at home), sooooo euphoric.
  11. jacking off

  12. Fucking on X after picking up 3 oz of DAAAAAAAANK for waaaaaay less than it should have cost.

  13. Candyflipping at raves while dancing with a fine ass girl.
  14. Nothing beats girls who smoke and have there own stash to share
  15. Fucking on E.
  16. Getting your dick sucked by 2 hot chicks while on E, in the shower.
  17. Fucking the kids mom who picked on you all through high school.
  18. Having sex with the love of your life while both on E, under the base of a waterfall, the sun shinin, and not a care in the entire world :cool:

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