Not tripping on DXM?

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    Alright so this is the second time i've attempted a DXM trip.

    I took 11 pills, like 80mg. It was the recommended dose from some dxm dosage calculator.

    Anyways, this is the second time i've taken around 80ish mg and had no effect. At the most its a very small buzz.

    Any possible reasons why?

    Im assuming its just because im not taking enough, but im a light-weight and took what was recommended to get past the first plateu.

    EDIT: Its been around 3 hours
  2. dxm takes 2 hrs to kick for me
    so either by now or in a little bit ur either tripping balls or passed the fuck out
    if u really took 800+mg

  3. Hahaha man you must be really blazed or something, i posted this two minutes ago and said 80mg :laughing:


  4. yeah he knows. you need at least 600mg before you feeel anyt rhing. im baked. but this is the truth @
  5. My first time I took 90mg and i was pretty messed up. Up your dose to about 150-200
  6. 80 mg isnt enough try taking atleast 300 for a second plateu
  7. 300mg is the starter point of tripping off dxm
  8. Fuck, my first time I chugged down 1666mg (2 Delsym 5oz'ers) over the span of 8 hours
    Needless to say, I was high as shit
    Combine that with a few blunts, and some Hydrocodone.
    Be chillun
    Talking to the dead and shit, reevaluating life...

    Didn't puke at all =]

    I'm not down for the gel caps, it's something about that shuddering liquid nasty taste that I love with cough syrups.... shudders
  9. last night i did two zicams.. pretty fucked up.. i wwas accualy walkin like a robot and didnt mean to
  10. Yeah, don't combine high doses of DXM with hydrocodone or any opiate. You could die. I highly doubt KrazySmokerHome took 1666mg of DXM and was able to smoke blunts and eat hydros, because he would've been knocked out in another world...unless he's gargantuan size.

    Research your drugs kids. DXM isn't something you can take a high dose of and be chilling sitting around admiring the visuals. Once you cross into the 4th plateau you're pretty much gone. It's a dissociative psychedelic...the purpose of it is to dissociate your mind from your body.
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    For some odd reason my body can withstand it...

    I know most people feel uncomfortable around that area, but I assure you, 2 5oz bottles of deslym is 888mg per bottle

    The Vicodin I eat like candy anyways...

    I don't use DXM for the hell of it, I really like those amazing life changing experiences!
    I know how to respect my drugs, and also know my limits...
  12. If you drank 100oz of delsym you would def. die.
  13. Hehe My bad...

    If you look at it correctly, that's not an extra Zero
    It's the letter O

    O 0

  14. Yeah, i was planning on taking more, but i only had a little less than half a bottle left so my trip ended up being only around 80mg.

    If i attempt a dxm trip again i'll make sure i up the dosage.

    Also, i got a little nauseous about 2-3 hours after i took the dxm, and i made sure dxm was the only active ingredient...
    is nausea a side-effect of just dxm?
  15. DXM is not a very good trip for me. I would rather smoke sally
  16. Sally as in salvia?
    I'd like to try it, but its actually illegal here in florida, so to get my hands on some i probably have to order it online.
  17. 80mg is good to stop a cough but not to "trip".

    As stated earlier, you need at least 300mg. For a real "trip" you need at least twice that, for strong visuals I take around 1000mg.
  18. Yeah thats what i was thinking.
    I was just going by some dosage calculator that said id be about half-way past the first plateau but i guess that first plateau isnt very intense.
    I would've increased the dosage if i had more, but i only had like half a bottle left.
  19. Take 600mg next time, it wont be to intense at all, you might get a tiny bit of visuals/distortions but barley any.
  20. Yeah it'll probably be a while before i try dxm again, but ill definitely make sure i up the dosage.
    What I really want is some sucks having no good acid connects. :(

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