Not sure which deficiency I have maybe calcium

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    Hey all
    I got these 12 plants here mixture of different seeds which are unfortunately not labelled, They are all autoflower I believe they are NL AUTO ,2 FAST 2 FURIOUS,AMNESIA AUTO,STRAWBERRY BLUE AUTO,
    23 Days old 2X2 Meter Tent under 2 600 with led mars hydro 1 300w mars hydro 2 150 w cfls
    6" intake 5" carbon filter
    Bio bizz light mix
    About 10 days ago I realised my pH was way off until I got a ph tester basically using rain water from drain pipe live in remote area maybe wasn't so clean.
    The problems started roughly 12 days go on one plant others rusted spots firstly now leaf dying off
    4 days ago my runoff was 5.4 after flushing then it was 5.8, I have no idea why so low I would of thought the rain water would've been higher in pH
    . Going to the store tomorrow not sure what to get calmag maybe.or something else.. I've gave the plants 1/4 fish mix when I flushed..what's up with low ph run off it only came up from 5.4 5.8.. I will do another run off in 2 days time to see..
    I've sinned for not having something to read the PH earlier catching up on me now..they growing every day tbf have em lightly lst'd..
    Any idea what Nute to get. ) 20160503_233613.jpg group shot

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  2. pH Fluctuations | Grow Weed Easy

    Looks like a change in PH caused it. This picture looks the closest to your problem. Looks like nutrient burn. I've just never seen it like that.
  3. Hi. So.e leafs spoted with is normally mag or calcium def or some kind of root prob. Also on other leafs they look greyish and dying? This more like phosphrus live? Check ya roots too. The ph thing as not help but wi a meter and proper nutes shud fetch em back if only a ph prob. Defo get ph ad ya may be putting the nutes in but ya plant cant take em while ph not right. Good look and ph is so important. Xxxx
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    It's been awhile what happened I got some Cal mag nutrient magic plant.
    all the plants came around within a couple of 39 today I've been using organic nutrient fish mix bio worm plant magic CalMag. Ph 6.2-6.5
    I think my earlier problem with the pH set me back weeks out of 12 plants only one a flower since last Saturday and pushing along I'm not sure which strain it is ..
    Seeds that are growing. 2vast2fast,strawberry blue, amnesia haze, Northern Lights ,this morning 5 showed signs of pre flowering late enough nearly 40 days..
    1463762125501-2016369893.jpg 20160520_181055.jpg 20160520_180640.jpg 20160520_181409.jpg 20160520_181229.jpg
  5. Cheers

    Looks to me like a Mg issue tbh.

    I've a few friends who use Plant Magic and do well.

    Hope you sort it soon
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  6. I never noticed by my naked eye I seen no deficiency in leafs or anything it the purple on stems sign of mg? It could be the type of strain with colour purple..going to check to if otherso have..
  7. I'm using marshydro as light set up they give off purplish lumens..
    Today I added plant magic 1ml to litre with fish mix picked up runoff 6.2 was 6.5..would magnesium slow down the flowering.. one planet is going fine

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