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  1. These symptoms started appearing a couple days ago. CFL grow, about one month old. I used Miracle Grow Tomato two weeks ago at less than half strength, and again two days ago, a little more than half strength. I checked some guides online but still wasn't sure what the issue is. It is only affecting a few of them. Any ideas? Thanks. I know, the box is ghetto, but it's temporary. The real one will be finished this weekend.

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  2. Nitrogen deficiency in pic 2. Both pics it looks like you spilled water with nutes in it onto your leaves which is a no no. Other than that they look good. N def. doesn't look too bad at all.
  3. Good call on the spilled plant food. I made a rookie mistake and wasn't careful about that, since I didn't realize it was harmful. Maybe since I fed them a couple days ago, the nitrogen deficiency will clear up soon. I will buy something to test the pH soon, too. Thanks for your help!
  4. You could rep me LOL thx.
  5. Done. :)

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