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  1. So one plant started to flower about a month ago after i accidentally shocked it....1st picture.
    The second and third picture are of two small ones that have some purple hairs coming off the top. No idea what that is, i really hope those arent starting to flower too....especially that small.
    The 4th pic was doing great until a few days ago i also started noticing some small purple its here....the 5th pic.
    Please help.

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  2. Looks to me like your little seedlings are turning purple because of cold damage. When a plant gets really cold it will flush the green chlorophyll out of the leaves, turning them purple. Hence why plants in cooler climates sometimes turn completely purple in the cooler months around harvest time. But don't you worry, i don't see any sexual organs on her yet, so I am pretty positive she is not flowering already. As for your first plant that is already flowering, how did you stress her? You should just make the best out of that plant, because It is already that deep into flowering. It is at the point of no return. Just give her some TLC. Her yield will be much smaller, but with a little love, you can still get some bomb ass bud!:smoke:
    Hope this helps ya man!
  3. thanks man, definitely helps. i had heard about plants turning a little purple from cold weather but since i live in LA i didnt account for that, it has been pretty cool at night lately though so definitely could be the problem....hopefully
  4. Had some cold weather in Mich and same thing there. They should be fine.
  5. im in michigan too, haven't put my babys outside yet there still under a 24/0 cycle andd im going to veg them until the day is about 13 hrs.
  6. Yeah that would be ideal. Put mine out about a week ago. Hardened right off the rip. It'll be a good test for em. Still healthy just slow growth until they get set then off to the races.
  7. Yeah, I heard you all have been having some shitty cold wet weather in cali, but hey, just be happy you don't live in NY where I have to deal with it year round :rolleyes:
    Once again Best of luck!

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