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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by fonzi03, May 16, 2010.

  1. Soo im pretty sure my ladies got heat stress pretty bad about a week ago. One of them isnt showing any signs of getting worse but is slightly drooping and has halted growing. The other which seemed to take the stress way worse almost died :( shes now better looking than before but the main cola is hard and crispy (almost dry enough to smoke) and hasnt gained any moisture...the rest of the plant seems to have halted just like my other one.

    Im growing under a 400watt hps
    today is my last week of flowering nutrients then two weeks of flush
    using 5 gallon bubble buckets with Adnvanced Nutrients sensi bloom a&b
    nutes are at 1200ppm (were at 1400 with big bud)

    it seems the plant got the heat stress the same time i stopped using advanced nutrients big bud (which boosted the K)....could it be that they just didnt take well to the drop in K even though the sensi bloom should cover it good enough?

  2. What were your temps when you think they were stressed by heat?
    Can we see a pic?
  3. they prob got around 90 give or take a few degrees. and ill get one up tomorrow...the top of the one im worried about right now is dry and the leaves are crsipy so thats mainly what i wanna know what i can do to help it. on sunday they start their flush which means they only have two weeks to the end of flowering.
  4. Did it grow into the light? What light are u using?

    You can't repair burnt leaves.
  5. no the temperatures just got hot and the bud seems to have dried out. The sugar leaves lost pretty much all their moisture and are somewhat crsipy. still trying to get a pic.
  6. 90 will stunt maybe, but not dry the leaves....Light height will. How high is the light?

    I have a 16 inch wire hanging from my reflector so a visual is always right there.
  7. the light is no closer than 12 inches...and the top nug on the plant is litterally a i its cured and ready to smoke......but she gets chopped down on sunday so im just gonna let it go until then....i already got 2 clones from her along with two from my other strain and this was my first grow so i didnt expect much just happy i was succesfull! :smoking:

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