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Not Sure What To Bring To The Party

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MadHatter420, May 25, 2009.

  1. Ok so I'm goin to this party 2morrow and I only got $10 to spend on more weed (only got one fat joint and about .7g of dank left in my house). So my dilemma is, I can either buy a little over a gram of Trainwreck or I can get about 3g of FUCKING GOOD Mids. Now usually I'd go with Quantity over Quality for a party, but this girl told me to bring the dankest shit I can find. Btw the trainwreck I get is from a new guy I just met and forget knocking your socks off, it knocks your pants, shoes and everything else off while you're at it. The mids on the other hand come from a good friend o mine who sells, he just gives me the hookup because people like to smoke with me, so its like free promotion for him haha. Either way, I'm leaning more towards the 3g of mids, what do you guys think?

    Keep tokin GC :smoking:
  2. depends on your motives bro. if you are looking to smoke with this girl and hookup i would go for the dank, however if you want to just smoke a lot and have a good time the mids is a solid choice. Either way i dont think you can go wrong...have fun though :smoking:
  3. Id go for the pussy, i mean dank
  4. If its for pussy fucking buy the dank NOW! lol you guys will enjoy it

    remember when in doubt go all out and say "FUCK IT"
  5. Haha, .7 grams? wtf.. You mean 7 grams? That's not a very fat joint.

    I think the girl is using you to smoke your good weed. Bring the mids and tell her that's all you could get, see what her reaction is. Getting a girl high to get with her doesn't work as well as alcohol.
  6. he meant a joint, AND .7.
    but alcohol over weed man, that much is true
  7. #7 MadHatter420, May 25, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 25, 2009
    no i meant a fat joint AND .7g of dank left
  8. what do you want more
  9. ooo dont get it twisted guys, im not bringin the weed just so me and her can get it on, thats gonna happen regardless, she just enjoys some good MJ is all

  10. alright that changes everything. go for the mids, you already have a little dank..might as well just have more to smoke on.
  11. Bring mids dude.
  12. yea i figured, thanks for the replies guys, i appreciate it
    gonna bring the mids, might as well bring quantity since its a party. the quality is of no question, its good shit, i'll post some pics up later this week

    Keep Tokin GC :smoking:
  13. qft. don't know about this chick, but usually they're not into just sitting around and smoking a ton. get the dank roll up a blunt and bang that ho.
  14. Just realized you got her in the bag already... in that case, get dem mids.
  15. if you buy the gram it will definitely all be smoked that night. If its 3g then you might have some leftover for the next morning, which I assume would be preferable
  16. Smoking dank might not get you the pussy bro. If you two get too ripped you might not get to fucking each other as you'll not want to do shit, just think about that. I'd buy from your friend cuz he hooks you up, and it's 3 grams. People won't be complaining about not being high after 3 grams of mids, but people might be complaining about not having enough shit to smoke if you only get about a gram of dank. The facts tip it 2-1 in favor of mids.
  17. Well if you want to get with her, Id suggest the dank seeing as though it
    this may come in handy :D
  18. Yeah definitely mids if you're already getting the girl.

    Enjoy your party man :smoking:,

    post some pictures of your pickup when you get it

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