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  1. i have a plant i want to clone, before i go into this i should mention that i am new to growing and everything else that has to do with it. If you visit my journal below, you can see the plant i want to clone. the only part i dont really understand and want o tbe sure of before i do it is WHERE to cut the clones.
    is this the only place you want to cut it? can anybody link me some more references?> thank you:smoking:
  2. Though I have my first grow under my belt. I too am dabbling in cloning this time around, I'm pretty sure after all the reading that I've done you should take a cutting from one of the internode branches (one with multiple leaves to the branch). I don't really think you should try and clone one of the single huge fan leaves, but then again I'm sure someone with more experience with cloning will be able to help further. Best of luck :smoking:
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    Ok after doing research and then doing research again, i think i figured out where to cut em. I took five off the lower end of my plant, and because this is my first time i took a couple that had twisted leaves and two that looked really good. I have them in rockwool and in a dome, under 2 42 watt warm bulbs , which are a cpl feet away, i used fresh water and only water, nothing else and decided to cut the leaves, there is alot of debate on if you should or not, so whatever i trimmed em. So what do ya guys think , do they look ok? they are 24 hrs old, and still look the same as when i cut em. Please give me your comments or past experiences. Thank you:smoking: View attachment 337160

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  4. looks good except If I was you I would use some clone x on the bottoms of the stems, they may root anyway but the longer it takes the more chance for rot. gl
  5. :smoking::smoking:im sorry , i forgot to mention that i did use a clone gel on the stems directly after i cut them. thanks for the reply!
  6. [ame=]YouTube - How to Clone Marijuana - Cloning Marijuana[/ame]

    hope this gives you some help. cloning is pretty easy once you know how.
  7. Looks good to me.. I cut my leaves as well.. Reason is that it will use up the nutrients in the cut leaves for root developement (Since it doesnt have roots to soak up nutes to begin with).. If you leave the leaves on, they seem to use all the energy keeping those leaves alive rather than root production and new growth shortly after..

    Those cut leaves will eventually die off, but the new growth will be nice..

    Once the roots develope they take off like a weed.. LOL

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