Not sure how to continue smoking when I move to Ft. Collins, CO.

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  1. Have posted on here a few times before, mostly lurk. Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place.

    I found out I'm for sure moving to Fort Collins, CO in July. My fiancee is going to grad school @ CSU and I am transferring my own job to a place in town. (It's a 100% for sure deal, so persuading me to live elsewhere in CO or to not move to CO at all won't really help. :) )I currently live in NC and have to purchase from less than reputable sources and I'm forced to take what they have usually. I know CO is supposedly more tolerant as far as bud goes and I'm sure it's nowhere near as uptight as NC. Anyways, I'm not going to be able to get a MMJ card or anything like that, nor do I need one as I am strictly a recreational user... Here is my worry though. The people I get from now, I have known forever or known through friends.. Not to say that's an enjoyable experience but I know when I move into CO I will know literally no one. I'm not asking a place to get bud, I'm just generally asking, will I have a problem obtaining MJ? I have no idea how *it* works in places that allow it medically. I also read that Ft. Collins shut down their dispensaries. Will that have any affect on my ability to get it? Anyways, please excuse my ignorance.. I love smoking, I just got into when it when I moved to NC 6 years ago and before that was brainwashed that MJ was evil, so I haven't spent the better part of my life trying to score bud. lol Anyways, any advice is appreciated.
  2. weed is EVERYWHERE in colorado.

    but buying it can be a sketchy thing.

    and if you say getting legals isnt possible?

    any reason why?

    as it makes it alot easier!
  3. I dont live in Ft. Collins, but i have visited there many times. From what I saw, it wouldn't be too hard to find bud. There seemed to be plenty of places for "stoners" to hang out or congregate. In such a green friendly town, I would suspect not having too much trouble.
    As I said, i don't live there, only an occasional visitor.
  4. yeah like pigpen said although he lives in colorado he can have a much better view of it. but it should be a breeze to find people who smoke.i wouldnt ask to buy some right off the bat try and get some small talk in first.

    by the way pigpen how far away is csprings to steam boat springs? i have a friend who lives in steam boat who hopefully ill visit at some point. and going to be going on a trip to estes park in june. first time visiting colorado, seriously a dream. i cannot wait.
  5. College town in co = you will find weed, I promise
  6. At the worst, go take a yoga or ceramics course at the local community college. that's what I did!

    It took me about 2 weeks to find a good connection. I was in my mid-50s at the ought to be easier for you!
  7. Lol not to mention its very very likely co will legalize in november.... then connections won't matter
  8. I'm sure if you visit a college campus you'll find some...just follow your nose :p
  9. but wait.. "strictly a recreation user"

    surely there is some thing that it helps you with. head aches appetite. back pains. im under the impression just about anything can get you the recommendation depending on the doctors views.
  10. I was just under the impression that you can't just waltz into CO and apply?? I mean I definitely have anxiety problems and diagnosed TMJ by a couple of dentists. Insomnia, also.
  11. None of those conditions are qualifying in CO. Sometimes insomnia, but it has to be in conjunction with another underlying qualifying condition. I don't think it matters. FOCO is a college town, I doubt you'll have a problem finding some connections.
  12. if ur fiance is in school she will meet someone.
  13. ^lol she'll be teaching there and has never bought or smoked, ever.
  14. dude half the country has tried weed. a quarter of those mfs live in Cali and CO. I seriously dont think you could throw a handful of pennies without hitting someone who can point of in the right direction at least. just try.
  15. i hate to say it but the regulation of cards here is pretty flawed.

    a buddy moved here from another state, having never lived here, and has his card.

    lived here about year now. and is legal,

    and he has no qualifying ailments.

    just nausea and such.

    im getting mine for constant headaches and having no appetite.

    i hate to be one to tell people that the legislation is flawed but it truely is.

    people with cancer and aids used to be the only qualified things.

    now headaches and miniscule pain, its just about money and the doctor lol.

  16. i completely agree just looking in from an outside perspective. but to be honest its how it should be. It is setup so that more people than not are looked at like there "abusing" the system. But its a plant that helps everyone. only that person them self should be able to decide if they need it. everyone should have a chance in the first place.
  17. I completely disagree the system is not working in Colorado. Out of a population of 5 million, less than 200,000 have mmj cards, so about 4% of the total population. The average age of cardholders is 42. This info was published by CDPHE on 12/31/11 if you want to see it for yourself. Yeah, I'm sure there are scammers, but the facts show that overall CO has a good system that is working and working well.

  18. this.

    throw me a PM :smoke:

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