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Not Stealing, BORROWING.....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by S33PR3SS, May 17, 2010.

  1. my mom has a stash of money that only i know about. She had the trust to tell me about it for what i believe was her only choice. Its like im her last option, which kinda hurts tbh.

    Im out of cash and i know its wrong to betray her trust and all but id like to take some cash out and buy some herb.
    Now i know alot of you will tell me not to do it never steal from family etc. but i really trust myself to pay back the money once i have a job and i see it more of a loan then stealing.

    I just need ur opinion is it that wrong to grab some of it/borrow?
    are my ,for lack of a better word, "feelings" clouding my judgement?
    IDK about this it feels wierd and also i dont want this to urn into a habit
    Any one ever been in this situation?
  2. I do not think you should "borrow" it without her approval. She is your mom, and she put her trust in you! Trust can take years to get, but seconds to lose ;)! You dont need the weed, do not resort to "borrowing" from your family :) Remember you arnt dependant on it, ask your mom if she can loan you some money! If she says no, think of it as a tolerance break, and how high you will get when you pay for it from your job
  3. I stole money for weed once, trust me, you'll feel good at first, then you'll feel like a scumbag.

    Your call.
  4. Just don't, her trust in you is more important than smoking marijuana. Does she know you smoke? I would rather ask to borrow money, even for something illegal, than take it without consent, even knowing that I would pay her back. Use this lack of money as a motivator to find a job, trust me, when you are strapped for cash, finding a job seems a lot easier.
  5. Your relationship with your mom is more important than getting high.

    If you ask for a loan and she can't help.... keep looking for that job!
  6. heh iv been dry for a week and a half now but i wouldnt man
    its sucks to be broke but you gotta find another way
    choose your own path tho
    this is one of those moments that defines you as a person
    so what kind of person are you?
    it doesnt matter if your gunna pay it back, if thats the case ask
  7. If you're stealing money from your family to buy weed, its time you should think about stopping smoking.
  8. If you don't have the money to buy herb then don't use someone elses money. No money=no herb. Simple as that.

    Ask a friend to smoke you up maybe or front you a gram or 2. No need to take money from your mom man. You can do without it for a little while i'm sure.
  9. actually i havent smoked in about a month cuz lack of money so t break isnt a real motivator. also i feel like she kind of went " Hmmmmmmmm lets see, which of my kids hasnt dissapointed me so far.........Thinks* OHHHH I Know!!!!!..... and came across me.

    But the things that dissapoiont her are what i believe, exagerations.

    Example my brother is out the will becuase he only has 2 classes in Junior college atm. Im like wtf ! its all full? How can he get classes if they are full? And same for my sister just cuz she got a tattoo

    also here in cali its hard to get a job cuz of this dam economy, alot of places dont arent hiring.
  10. dont do it man. the whole time your high you'll be thinking about what a douche move it was. atleast i would
  11. Honestly dude, if you can get it back before she notices and you really do 100% trust yourself then go for it, but only if you're sure cuz that's like borderline crackfiend lol.:hello:
  12. Well its not like i would take much at most a 20. Actually just counted it and saw she had 14 20's and she doesnt count it regularly, the rest are 100's and i doubt she would notice. I might go for it and agian people its not stealing, i will pay it back.
  13. its stealing if you don't ask for it first.

    if she has so much in there i'm sure she wouldn't mind lending you $20.
  14. How about you get a job first?

    Tell her you need 20 for movies or something then say I'll pay you back soon.
  15. just ask her for the money, or make up a reason for her giving you money, like what the guy said about the movies...tell her you wanna see an imax 3D movie, thats about $20 :D
  16. ive tried lookin for jobs but most people say to apply through online and ive applied for about 8 weeks and no luck. I guess your right it is stealing if i dont ask first , besies my mom isnt the lending type. Im mulling it over at the moment. And also im tired of mooching off people i cant even enjoy the high cuz i fell bad even if they feel its fine. I dont want to be the one known as the moocher.

    Also the closest thing i have to a job would be Recycling bottles wich would be where i pay her from and earning money by fixing her car and little things.
  17. From the moment you STEAL that money it has become a habit. It's not borrowing. It's stealing. Borrowing is when you ASK for it. Stealing is when you take it without permission. Regardless of your intentions. IT'S STILL STEALING.
  18. Actally i think i will ask. Seems to little amount to be worrying about and if she says no oh well . Thanks all
  19. Or as an alternative....... Any one wanna smoke me up? I have good weed conversations :D
  20. yeah at least ask. you'll probably enjoy it more if you earn it, just think of it as a miniature t-break. don't steal money from your parents for drugs. :)

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