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    There is a lot of negative talk about humanity in general going around.

    People think humans are becoming greedy and stupid. Lazy and entitled. We like to say things like "murica" and make fun of how spoiled we are.

    We freak out about the environment , the corperations, the terrorists, the Ebola, the schools, the guns....

    Fact is though, that green technologies are invented every day. Despite fearmongering global warming is already reversed. Violent crime is down in most civilized nations. The internet gives hope the the spread of ideas and evolution of society.

    The world isn't ending. Quite the opposite.

    If you turn off the fear mongering and get out more, you find most people care, the environment will outlast us all, and you have little chance of getting ebola or being beheaded by Isis.

    Live a little

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  2. The world is not so bad. Here in America the crime is at all time lows according to the stats from the FBI. Much of what we think is bad its just we have instant access to that information across a multitude of platforms.
    Life is just fine for me! Business is doing well, and I am healthy!
  3. Humans are responsible for causing many animals to become endangered and extinct.
    Ivory billed woodpecker - likely is extinct
    Amur leopard - about 40 left on the planet
    Javan Rhino - less then 60 remain
    Northern right whale - about 350 left
    Kakapo parrot - so few remain they all have names
    Sad that in the next few years these animals may no longer exist.  
    Perserve DNA samples like they do with seeds and when we can bring them back we should!
  5. So are inanimate rocks iin space

    What is your point? Humans accidentally hurt "nature" so therefore humans are evil and earth is doomed?

    No. Just no. As we speak activists and corperations all around the world work towards curing the globe

    Green technologies and laws are implemented every day
    Right. But life will go on

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    @BRZBoy even with advances in cloning it wont work.  Woolly Mammoth for example, even if they could 'clone' one it would be insanely expensive.  Lets say you create 4 of them, they cannot reproduce/repopulate as they are carbon replicas of the same creature.  Therefor humans would need to create all of them in a lab.
    @yurigadaisukida  I wouldn't say humans 'accidently' hurt nature, stereotyping all humans as evil wouldn't be right but some certainly are.  Its great that people are 'curing' the globe but it wouldn't need to be cured if humans didn't mess it up in the first place.  Humans are money hungry, why do we still use combustion engines, we clearly have the technology to change that but will we ever?  Probably not in our lifetime.  Sure life will go on for us but not for those species.
    Between 1970-1992 96%(ninety six!) of black rhinos were killed by poachers.  This year(2014) there is about 1 rhino poached everyday.  If this trend continues, we have about 15 years left to enjoy these magnificent creatures until they are gone forever.
  7. Gonna stop you right there.
    Nature has caused more species to.become extinct then humans ever will.
    Unless maybe, just mmaybe, we really don't have the technology yet

    Can you prove there is a.conspiracy?
    You say this like its a bad thing

    Sorry if I don't she'd a tear over the random species that would have went extinct eventually anyway

    You aren't looking at the big picture. Earth's days are numbered. If humans weren't here, earth would he destroyed bby nature eventually.

    Humans have the ability to actually save some.of these species before that happens

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  8. Well I see we have opposite opinions on this topic, I'll leave it at that.
    Sad on the cloning
    Well thats the issue with the Africans...its education thats the key. I read that they have been killing off the lions by killing a animal pouring poison on it and a few hours later dead lion.
    The task to educate is a insurmountable task in terms of poaching..its why some nations allow the Game Wardens to use deadly force to kill those that are trying.
    I dont blame them. If I was a poor no nothing African and could get tens of thousands of dollars for a horn in a nation where 500 a year is the per capita income I think I might.
  10. actually you dont

    I care deeply for nature. I just don't see humans as a plague

    I see us as a beacon of hope

    The earth will eventually freeze when the moon leaves us, or burn when the sun engulfs us, or both, but before then probly get hit by a giant space rock.

    Fact is that all life that stays on earth is doomed humans included.

    I don't think we should eexploit eachother or nature.

    The point if this thread is that the world is NOT gonna end, at least not any time soon

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    Tell this to GLP. Agree though. Except that green technologies might be being developed but not implemented... atleast not nearly enough.
  12. Much of the reason that soo many perceive the world as being shit is because of information proliferation and the bias big media spins on the information. I mean, never before in human history has there been soo much information nor has it been so readily available. And its ends up being at a detriment because the human psyche tends to focus on the bad as apposed to the good news.

    Then again I'm sure there are many more factors that influence our perception as to what the state of our world is in.
  13. On any given day you can see the most beautiful things or the most wretched, it all depends on if you wake up looking for the positive or the negative, you will always find an abundance of both.
  14. Yes, Yuri. Life is all about perspective (I've been saying it for years)

    Are you bipolar? Because seriously, in all the time I've been here you tend to get the most dramatic and hyperbolic about all of the subjects you just touched upon. I'm just saying...
  16. This is one reason why weed should be legalized, and the majority of consumer products should be imported from Mexico and other countries that are better suited for cultivation.   I'm not saying that growing it should be illegal, but it would not be as necessary in North America if these steps were taken. 
  17. I have not been diagnosed with bipolar

    But my dad has hella mood swings

    I am.good about keeping a cool.heal in, maybe because I rant here idk

    "what is a bunny of fish?" - Christopher Brown
    Nice post but Cali has more to worry about then weed farms. 100% of the state is under drought and many communities now..whole counties are literally without water. They have portajohns set up and bottled water is brought in. Geologically speaking droughts last 20 or more years in that region and it will be a disaster for all should this be the start of a new drought. The last 7000 years actually have been the wettest on record for that state.
    If you go back and look at the geo records you will see that California essentially turns to a Arizona for decades even up to a 100 years every couple thousand of years like clockwork.
  19. With the drought and heat waves it sure feels like AZ in CA. I live like a mile from the beach and we have been getting into the 80s-90s while in AZ they are high 70s low 80s. Instead of wasting billions on a train to nowhere they should build some aqueducts and siphon water from the CO river. The Peoples Republic of CA is doomed as it sits now. Mr MoonBeam isn't doing much to help either.
  20. Not to mention that so many of the climate change studies are very overhyped. Climate change is definitely happening and will definitely have major impacts on us. But some of these research papers are clearly making way too bold of claims based on their evidence. I feel like one of society's biggest woe is the propagation of fear mongering combined with ignorance on the Internet and media. But like you said it seems like everything gets blown out of proportion and everyone's unnecessarily freaked out about a lot of shit. Probably due in part to our media sensationalizing for ratings and web page views. Just my .02 though

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