Not So Baby Kandy Kush 1st grow

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    So its been about 14-16 days kind of forget the date that i planted it. the girl is looking awesome, shes kind of flopping around a bit. shes under 2 CFL's and i have 150W HPS waiting for when she gets a bit taller.
    shes in FFOF and i started with Grow big at 1/4 strength.

    any tips to get her to straigten up? i was planning on LSTing when she gets transplanted next week or so

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    the yellowing looks like some burn to me.
    but my plant is at 9 days and is way smaller. idk why. maybe after one more week it will grow alot.
  3. I wouldn't give her any nutes yet. There is enough in that soil to last for a few weeks. I don't think it's burn though. Those lower leaves die on me all the time, but it never affects the rest of the plant so I don't worry about it. Usually nute burn will be on the newest growth shoots first, not on the oldest.

    I'd also put that 150w HPS on her right now. Seedlings can grow outdoors under the intensity of the damn Sun! She can handle the HPS now imo.
  4. lol thats def not nute burn. you migth want to get some blue light on it for veg. (MH, daylight cfls, t5/8s, etc.)
  5. Definitely don't give it any nutes yet man. I've used soil with nutrients in it and it was good for at least three weeks. Can you post and better pictures? Also, are there any more yellowing leaves?

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