not smoking weed has actually worsened things.....

Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. so i have been a daily smoker for about 6-9 montsh i guess, but i decided to take this week off, because my parents were getting concerned about me doing it too much, and so were my friends, and i also just decided to take a break and try and take it easy.....

    well turns out all i really achomplished this week was about 3-4 hours of sleep a night, on top of school and 5 hours of decently physical work a day, i got in mass fights with my parents and friends about shit because i just felt pissed off all the time from withdrawel, and i basically have just felt like shit overall.....

    i also strongly felt like calling some of my peoples really late at night, like 2 AMish, and offering them double the money just to get some bud, but thankfully i didnt.....

    shit this week has been horible.... i think it might have gone a lot better if i could have slept at night, but when you smoke a bowl before bed for half a year every night, it gets pretty hard to go to sleep sober.....

    damn i cant wait till tomorow when i can blaze again, hopefully i will get extra toasted to since i havnt smoked in a week...... god damn i just had to vent this out..... looks like i have a mild problem of addiction, i overcame it because it really wasnt that bad, i mean i wasnt sucking dicks for bud or anything, and i didnt smoke any at all, but still the desire was there, and pretty stong at times, expecially at night......

    i am here once again up pretty late, because i know i wont get much sleep...... but anyways pretty pointless rant but thanks for giving me somewhere to talk
  2. It's all in your head.

    Dont perpetuate the stereotype that marijuana users are all 'addicts.' Since it appears that you have an addictive personality, i suggest you take a break for a while and figure out the real reasons you toke.
  3. yeah it is all in your head but I had the same shit happening today till I blazed tonight it sucks I was ready to SNAP man
  4. i mean i know a lot of its in your head, but when you just cant sleep if your life depended on it that is real man, nothing to do with just over thinking it

  5. i just finished my first week of that bullshit youre going through. but i want to keep my t break up for one more week...heh oh well. the first time i smoke again will be priceless (minus the amount of money i spend on the weed itself)
  6. Get a good amount of exercise during the day. Unless there really is something wrong with you, this should allow you to go out like a lightbulb come night-time.

    I've yet to meet a person with "insomnia" (and depression too, for that matter) - weedsmoker or not - that isn't exacerbating the problem in some way. Most commonly, it's tied to inactivity and poor dietary choices.
  7. bump not sucking cock for bud.
  8. yeah when I went on a short tolerance break for beginning of school i couldnt sleep for the first week

  9. Well I do agree with that part
  10. not having bud around has actually pushed this fucker towards booze

    if anything alcoholic would fit the bill and it's all cuz nug 'n funds aren't compatible and said fucker can barely wolf down food unless he's drunk as fuck

    go figure
  11. LOL
    I remember thinking the same thing when I first started smoking. Blazed every day for 6 months straight then I didnt have weed one night, I couldnt sleep.
    I'm pretty sure its just a phase, I can blaze for weeks straight then go without it for a week or 2 and it dosnt bother me anymore.
    Life is good with weed, but your forgetting how wonderful it can be without.

  12. I used to snowboard a lot, until I broke my hand on the mountain. Turns out it was the first time I had ever ridden without smoking out before going out. Damn WEED!!
  13. just you typing this little story about your life makes it 10 times worse, your obviously thinking about it too much and its manifesting in your brain and your killin yourself over it when you shouldnt. all in your fuckin head it aint hard to quit if you WANT to, but you gotta WANT to
  14. so change your mindset from "man im not gettin high lifes so fucking boring, how can i do this" to "im doin somethin good for my body right now by takin a break"
  15. Oh boy, all that, after one week? I haven't touched cannabis for a week also, but i feel much better. The thing about sleep is, you have to get up really early one day. Like at 6 AM. That day, you'll just want to fall asleep at around 9 or 10PM. Then you'll naturally wake up at around 7AM, which is cool by itself.

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