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Not really feeling high anymore?..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by salt life, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So i've been smoking for about 3-4 months on kind of a regular basis. Around 2-3 times a week depending on if I have herb or not. Recently I haven't really been getting high anymore, I know what being high is and how it feels like but I haven't been feeling that at all recently..
    The most I ever feel nowadays is being a little spacey and chill, nothing near being high.
    I want to feel high again and i'm not sure what to do. So i'm asking you guys to give me any help on what to do to feel high again! Thanks
  2. If you're really only smoking 2-3 times a week, then.. that's really, really strange, unless you're smoking ridiculous amounts at those times (which you shouldn't be, because it won't get you any higher, it'll just boost your tolerance after a certain point)

    If you're smoking more often than that, not so strange, haha. Tolerance sucks.

    Try taking a t-break for a few weeks and then smoking again, you'll get blitzed. :)

    Oh, and remember... you probably won't be getting that very first feeling back ever again, but you should definitely at least know you're high haha.

    Could also be the person you buy from giving you shit weed, who knows?
  3. 1. T break
    2. Smoke more! I have friends with super high tolerances that just need to smoke ridiculous amounts to stay high throughout the day

    Just keep smoking until you're high as fuck, then you can gauge your tolerance a bit and find out your new threshold, that is if you didn't want to take a short break from the herb.
  4. Either your tolerance is really high, which I wouldnt suspect if you only smoke 3 times a week. What quality of weed are you smoking? If ur smoking Mids or worse then that's probably your problem. Get some dank. Smoke that shit. Get high.
  5. I know it sucks but quit for 2 weeks, you'll be able to be high after like a small ass bowl. Oh and right when you get off the tbreak, roll a huge j. You'll be the happiest man alive.
  6. quit for a couple days and youll be good to go
  7. Yeah, two weeks should be a good break.
  8. I find that as a everday toker for about 3 years now even just after 2 days I will get soooooo fucking baked after lighting up again, may not apply to u as u only smoke 2-3 times a week. im on a trip right now that's five days long, this will be the longest ive gone without smoking for years, cant wait to get BAKED!!!!!!
  9. Alright.. Either take bigger hits and hold it in longer, smoke more weed at a time, or do what I do and try and limit smoking to Friday Saturday and Sunday.

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