Not quite sure when to flush my plant

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  1. I've read all the guides on trichome colours etc but I have no idea when to start flushing, I want to do at least 1 week but preferably 2 as I have a huge pot.
    When would I flush a plant in relation to trichome colour? I was thinking about flushing it 3 weeks before it's due for 3-4 days and then keeping the nutrients to a minimum until the last 1 week flush. I have no experience with flushing though.

    Lets ignore pot size for the moment and focus on what you want to get out of your grow. Are you aiming for 25% amber, 50%, more?
    Indica, sativa, autoflower? 
    How many weeks are you in?
    What do the trichomes look like right now? 
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    It flowered outdoors, winter came and it went dormant until I put it in a grow tent, new flowers came through 2-3 weeks later so it's in about week 6-7 and the trichomes are clear/becoming slightly milk from what I see. I'm probably going to aim for 25% amber as a maximum and as cloudly as the rest can get before amber.
    It's a random indica from Spain off a friend.
  4. did you flush before switching to flower? just checking because it is a good idea to avoid complications later on.
    id say figure out your prime harvest date, depending on strain and growing conditions, then count back 10-14 days and begin feeding only ph balanced water ;)
  5. It's never been flushed before which makes me think there could be a particular nutrient buildup, I might flush it once or twice and feed it nothing but water for 3 days whilst there's still a bit of time. Thanks.
    i do it based on what the plant looks like in late flower
    if there's few weeks left to go and the buds are looking healthy and the leaves are all nice and green still, then i'll switch to just water and get some good runoff..
    if they are yellowing nicely, then i don't flush at all.. and just water like normal.
    if you feed them right from the get go and don't overdo it.. "flush" in between feedings etc.. then you may not need to flush your plants at the end at all.
  7. thoughts on this from current readers?...

    in a nutshell, my plant was an 'accident,' is in a soil mix i made up for my veggie garden, in a 1 gal bucket (yes neglected, i barely paid it any mind, did not think it would do anything)

    has had a few shots of veg/flower Miracle gro(hose feeder) through the season, nothing heavy, and watering always runs through due to small size of the bucket...gave it a shot of molasses water yesterday and buying castings and Em-1 this weekend for the next few feeds...

    so come harvest time (projected for 2-4 weeks), flush?...or no? much/long to flush, if yes?

    pics can be seen here (as well as further questions/concerns)

    thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

  8. I think whats more important is what you're feeding. if you're feeding your plant some crap like advanced nutrients or some other salt filled bottles then flush 2 weeks, or as long as you can. A fully organic/probiotic garden doesnt really need the amount of flushing a chem garden does, theres no salts to flush out in the first place. A lot of times the plants will fade on their own.

    But its really hard to say without pics. Like AugustWest said, its more or less the yellowing of the leaves you're looking at when flushing, not really the trichs.


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