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Not new to the game...but something new happened.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mythoughtsonthat, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. So...

    I made cannabutter the other day. The problem is that I didn’t realize I didn’t have cheesecloth so I strained it as best I could and put the butter/water mix in the fridge to separate. The next day, the butter had hardened a bit and was at the top.

    In the meantime, I had ordered cheese cloth and ended up leaving the mixture in the fridge for a couple of days until it arrived.

    Yesterday, I went to get it to re-melt the butter and re-strain...and it just looked like a bowl of water! No butter to be seen! I restrained it and put it back in the fridge last night. This morning, it looks a little oily on top of the water but no clump of butter.

    What happened??? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
  2. You got soooooo high from eating it......that you don't remember you ate it.....:confused_2:
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  3. Well...uh...assuming you haven't made some major misstep, done all this way too stoned and poured your butter down the sink or some such...I can't see what would have happened here, unless you are being super impatient. Can I see pictures of this?
  4. Lol.

    I WISH that was the story. My SO thinks someone stole it. I literally cannot understand what happened!
  5. Dude, I know what t sounds like. But I swear I did *not* touch it!

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  6. Also, it’s been a few days so not too impatient!
  7. It looks a little solid on top in the pic but that’s pure liquid.
  8. There is no butter in that picture.
    Your butter is gone - This is exactly (to a point) what mine looks like AFTER the butter has been cooled, seperated, and most importantly, removed.
    It just vanishing/evaporating is impossible how you've described it.
    I'd consider a ban on whoever has visited since.

    ...last idea, don't suppose you took it off and put it in another part of the fridge or freezer?
    More stoner-like things *have* been known to happen.

    Though, that's just leftover liquid. Definitely.
  9. Thanks - I needed the confirmation to be honest. No one had been here, though some people do have a key. I looked everywhere that’s possible for me to have put it. I’m so frustrated! Thank you!
  10. Yeah unless you find it...I'd assume theft.
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  11. Sucks! That means someone has been in my home. ‍♀️ Thank you so much for you time and help! I was losing my mind!
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  12. Did you ever find out what happened?
  13. No. It’s never been found. My SO thinks that the woman who cleans the building cams into the apartment for water (she apparently does that), saw it, knew what it was, and took it because...who can we really complain to?

    No one else has been in our apartment (that we know of) and neither of us ate it.

    Huuuuuuge bummer.
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